40K+ Censored YouTube Videos; 729 Deleted Channels


“we show what they hide”

YouTube limits access to videos that are neither illegal, nor violate their own Terms and Conditions or Community Guidelines.

“Limited state” videos are placed behind a warning message, cannot be shared, monetized or easily found, and have likes, comments, view counts and suggested videos disabled.

altCensored.com is an unbiased community catalog of 40542 such videos, including those removed by YouTube or self-censored.  Of 5550 monitored channels, 729 have been deleted and 1596 are being archived in case of deletion.

Email new channels to admin@altCensored.com.

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YouTube Bans Videos Promoting Vitamin C

What will you do if they outlaw vitamins A/C/D?

YouTubeBansVitC https://twitter.com/QAnonNotables/status/1252385906486468610


In the last few months, I have been stocking-up on Vitamin C and chaga.

Last month’s order from Ann and Chaga: (10% off coupon)


This month’s order from Vita Shop: (Vitamin C, Chaga Powder)


If you are feeling adventurous, you might want to try Clif High’s chaga cocktail recipe:

I would post the link to Clif’s tweet, but Twitter has banned him, since he started talking about what people were doing to beat COVID-19.  To find out more, please visit his YouTube channel.

The Growing Threat of Tech Censorship: Stefan Molyneux Speaks at the European Union Parliament

Video Description
Stefan Molyneux speaks at the EU Parliament 31 Jan 2019.

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  • Tommy Robinson banned by Twitter and PayPal
  • Laura Loomer banned by Twitter
  • Republican consultant R.C. Maxwell banned by Twitter
  • Carl Benjamin (“Sargon of Akkad”) banned by Patreon
  • Robert Spencer banned by Patreon following pressure by credit card companies.
  • Candace Owens suspended by Twitter
  • James Woods suspended for 30 days by Twitter
  • I, Hypocrite, focused on far-left hate speech banned by Facebook
  • Avi Yemini, a Jewish-Australian IDF veteran and conservative activist was banned by Facebook
  • Mohammed Tawhidi, an anti-extremist imam: banned by Facebook
  • The Babylon Bee, a conservative humor site: threatened with suspension by Facebook
  • Terrence K. Williams: suspended by Facebook
  • Gavin McInnes: banned by Twitter and Facebook
  • Alex Jones/Infowars: banned by Facebook, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Over 800 alternative news accounts were banned by Facebook shortly before the US midterms

  • Tech companies have invested hundreds of millions in “news” media.

  • Facebook and Apple, YouTube have all announced that they will directly fund handpicked “authoritative news sources.”
  • These sources will then be promoted to their users without ads.
  • Google, YouTube’s parent company, has committed a budget of $300 million to pay for “quality journalism.”
  • YouTube has committed $25 million to paying for “news.”
  • YouTube has also reported that it will “prominently surface authoritative sources” for users. (again, promotion with no ads)
  • Jan 2018, Facebook code changes pushed “establishment” news sources to the top of engagement – CNN at the top.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s stated goal was to promote “high-quality news” that “helps build a sense of common ground.”
  • The “trusted sources” ranking – any conservative outlets?
  • Zuckerberg’s example of “good trustworthy journalism”: The New York Times.
  • Facebook announced it would partner with 80 unnamed publications to create “exclusive news content” ahead of the 2018 US midterm elections.
  • Facebook said it planned to directly fund news programming, such as shows from CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Mic.com.
  • These outlets often parrot the “Russia Collusion” conspiracy.
  • Fact: Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress that his company could only find $4,700 in ad spending from Russia-linked accounts in 2016, the Trump election year.
  • National Review: “Private interests that closed deals with Vladimir Putin and his agents — thanks to then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s public favors — gave the Clinton Foundation between $152 million and $173 million.”
  • 36,809 times the spending.
  • Tech workers overwhelmingly support Democrats. In 2018, just over 1% of the $15 million sent to candidates went to Republicans. Where is the diversity?
  • 23% went to Democrats – are tech people above bias?
  • “Saudi money is already behind many of the biggest tech startups in the US, including Lyft, Uber and Magic Leap. Saudi Arabia’s massive $45 billion check to SoftBank’s Vision Fund, the largest venture fund of all time, means Saudi money will likely be part of the biggest pool of venture money for years to come. The Vision Fund has made at least 26 investments including into Slack, WeWork, GM Cruise, and other brand names.
  • “Over the last five years, Quid estimates Saudi investors have directly participated in investment rounds totaling at least $6.2 billion.

EXCLUSIVE: @YouTube is Now Terminating the Truth #FreeMedia #GoogleGestapo

In this episode, Shawn interviews Ron Johnson of Stranger Than Fiction News (stfnews.com), whose YouTube channel was recently deleted.

Video Description

You Tube has PURGED several REAL NEWS channels that dares to question the “official” story regarding the recent Florida school shootings.

The Ron Johnson YouTube channel was a CHRISTIAN truth news channel with 150,000 subscribers – and last week the channel was TERMINATED without warning. The same thing has happened to the Richie Allen YouTube channel and others.

Thank you for tuning in for this important interview.