Attention Content Creators (ie. YouTube, WordPress, AdSense)

Clif estimates that AdSense revenues are down 26% in the last two months, due to the attack on “Fake News.”

Video Description
The big G spot! Strategies and tactics to avoid SEO golden showers from TPTB.

This video is a brief discussion of the recent coca-colaing = censorship of the alt media by the bit G spot.

The masters of the big G spot have instructed the working metal heads in the bowels of the googlebeast to ratchet down the valves on alt media under the guise of a plan that we call here the ‘golden showers’ such that traffic dries up and we all blow our way into history.

One of my thoughts, as this is all being done with algo’s that have to work on linguistic structures, is to deliberately alter our own language patterns in videos and written material. Now, please note, this tactic is NOT trying to escape their algo, but rather, in a guerrilla ‘fighter’ fashion, we use this approach to derail the intent of the algo, and to co-opt it into ‘being our bitch’.

The strategy of resistance, and this tactic, as well as a few others are discussed in this video about the subject.

Please note that in this description you will have been reading deliberately and precisely placed uses of specific language forms to start off the tactic with this very video.

So to note that the tainting talk includes the ‘slap on the back of the guy wearing the tuxedo with your hand covered in stinking tar’. This tactic is illustrated by my reference to Casey Neistat, commonly known as the YouTube Sellout.

If you run a site that deals in real news, real stuff, conspiracy investigation, anti-globalist agenda, space aliens, out of place artifacts, milab (military abductions), gold, silver, bitcoin, alternative views on physics or chemistry, then you need to be monitoring your social media trends as the big G spot, and the equivalent masters of social over at Facebook, have decided to scrub the annoyance out of their lives, and that means you.

Among others.

This is where we have power; we out number the bastards. Yes, they have digital power, and lots of computing power, but we own the language that is their main source of tools to enslave us.

Another source of power is that computer software is dumb. Really really dumb. Ain’t no such thing as AI, or machine learning….it is all just very very very fast idiots able to do some maths. But computers do not understand any of the following: words, context, connotations, denotation, grammar, slang. Thus we own their algo’s, should we decide to use that power.

Remember, change your language and the whole of the big G spot MUST spend tons of money, time, and energy to change as well. They need that time, energy, and money to be and remain competitive. Every time you change your language usage, you degrade their algo’s effectiveness and force them to address that issue.
Every time you change your language usage, you add a greater burden to the work loads at very key points in the operation of the big G spot.

Every time you make a human at the big G spot stop what they are doing to deal with your irritations, you have cost them money, time, and energy. And added to the growing cognitive dissonance burden on all the staff at the big G spot.

You see, once the good people involved at the big G spot learn that their organization is effectively in contention with a very sizable and growing portion of their user base, including many of their friends and family on the outside of the big G spot, the staff morale will be also under pressure, which further contributes to lower productivity, and lower revenues….

further if the tactics suggested in this video are used they create a giant headache for the big G spot as it will fundamentally alter their ability to do their primary work which is to index web sites and return those sites along with advertising to your search request. Yes, the indexing depends on an ‘organic’ language usage pattern being consistent. Once we all start using CNN as an equivalent word for ‘cluster sex on a street corner’, how long will CNN be able to also use that without widespread ridicule whenever it is seen? You know, like in Idiocracy….the ‘full body latte’ effect. If we change the context and connotations of our language, their indexing is just one big CNN.

Please note that there are a number of tactics suggested in this video, and more are invited from the viewing public.

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Let’s have a big big big public discussion about this sort of background level censorship and mind control by certain buttheads who don’t want you to know the truth! for our ALTA reports that provide a glimpse of the future developing around you now!

Remember, it is your language! Use it against them!

US Census Bureau, IRS, and St. Louis Federal Reserve Added to Washington Post’s list of “Russian Propaganda” Websites


In case you missed it, The Washington Post’s criminally careless publishing of “fake news” about purported “Russian propaganda” created a backlash–and the Post’s attorney-approved bleating to sidestep responsibility for publishing “fake news” failed to calm the waters.

Here’s The Washington Post’s “fake news” article in case you missed it: Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say.

The “experts” claims of expertise were not validated or investigated by the Post, and the Post prominently linked to a list of 200 websites ( among them) that purportedly “wittingly or unwittingly” promoted “Russian propaganda”–but The Washington Post did zero journalistic work to investigate the list or the anonymous “experts” that published it.

Since the list is bogus, the entire story qualifies as “fake news”–exactly what the Post claims to be investigating. Talk about irony….

This criminally sloppy publishing of “fake news” isn’t journalism–it’s propaganda. No amount of slippery legalese can erase the fact that The Washington Post published a “fake news” story and featured it prominently on page one.

Let me explain the “methodology” behind the “Russian propaganda” list: guilt by association. Here’s how this works. Say you’re in a totalitarian state with a media controlled by a handful of state-corporate interests. (Sound familiar?)

You have lunch with a colleague who is an acquaintance, discuss kids’ soccer and gripes about the boss, and you go home, thinking nothing of it.

The secret police are waiting to arrest you. Your crime is “consorting with an “enemy of the state:” your colleague, unbeknownst to you, is considered an “enemy of the state,” and by having lunch with him, you are guilty by association.

This is the precise methodology of The Washington Post’s shoddy “fake news” list of “Russian propaganda” websites. Any association with an “enemy of the state” site like RT (Russia Today) convicts you by association of being an “enemy of the state.”

Neither the “fake news” publishers of the list nor The Washington Post combed through the thousands of pages of blog posts on my site and identified those purported to be “Russian propaganda.” They didn’t bother, because, well, that would have taken some serious journalistic work.

Instead, they labeled as guilty by association. Here is a chart of my guilt by association:

Just as a reminder, every major power funds international media outlets.consider BBC (U.K.); Radio Liberty (USA); France 24 (France); NHK (Japan) and China’s overseas broadcast empire.

It doesn’t take much of a dose of cui bono (to whose benefit?) to grasp that state-owned and operated media (even if it is at arm’s length to maintain a claim to “journalism”) aim to paint the issuing state in rosy hues while publicizing the woes of its rivals.

Even the most dimwitted mainstream media “journalist” grasps this obvious fact. The rest of us certainly do.

So let’s extend The Washington Post’s shoddy “fake news” methodology just a bit, to the sources of’s “Russian propaganda.” Since’s content relies on statistics from these three websites, clearly they are guilty by association.

Here’s the revised chart with another layer of “Russian propaganda” sites: the U.S. Census Bureau, the I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED). These sites are integral to’s output, and so by supplying with anti-status quo content, they too are guilty of wittingly or unwittingly spreading “Russian propaganda.”

This is the logic of totalitarianism–guilt by association. Just in case you haven’t seen the dozens of charts I use in my “Russian propaganda” from the St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED), take a gander at this:

My analysis Endangered Species: The Self-Employed Middle Class relies on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and I.R.S. website data.

My analysis on Why We Keep Getting Poorer: High-Cost Housing is totally dependent on data drawn from the US Census Bureau website.

Sorry, U.S. Census Bureau, I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve–you’re issuing “Russian propaganda” according to The Washington Post’s shoddy “fake news” methodology. Your data enabled and other independent journalist sites to issue content that was skeptical of official claims that are endlessly parroted by a bought-and-paid-for corporate media.

You are guilty by association. So go ahead, Washington Post, extend the logic of the absurdly threadbare “methodology” of your fake-news “experts” and add the U.S. Census Bureau, I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve to the list of websites that are guilty by association of “Russian propaganda.”

Oh, and in case you didn’t get the definition of “Russian propaganda:” it’s anything that is skeptical or critical of America’s ruling elite and its corporate-media shills. Remember: America’s ruling elite is so wonderful and our prosperity is so fantastic that domestic dissent is impossible. Any dissent must be the work of foreign devils.

And that’s why we’re now swimming in the raw sewage of The Washington Post’s “fake news”.


Source: Max Keiser Financial War Reports