Roundtable – COVID-19: How New Information Should Drive Policy

Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief of Critical Care at University of Wisconsin, will be testifying before the Senate today on COVID-19. He is part of a team of mainstream experts having great success treating patients with steroids, IV Vitamin C, heparin, thiamine, zinc and vitamin D. This will be live-streamed at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Information Our Health Officials Should be Presenting

Clif interprets a new study entitiled, “Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19.”  In a nutshell, it appears that people with high vitamin D levels are not becoming infected.

Video Description

discussion about key critical numbers as regards to #bioweapon #ccpvirus as well as a projection of the future history & emotional flow of the next 3 years with focus on the next 6 months.

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YouTube Bans Videos Promoting Vitamin C

What will you do if they outlaw vitamins A/C/D?



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I would post the link to Clif’s tweet, but Twitter has banned him, since he started talking about what people were doing to beat COVID-19.  To find out more, please visit his YouTube channel.

Living in a Post-Bioweapon World

Clif High became aware of of the coronavirus bioweapon in late 2019, and has been producing videos about his findings on his YouTube channel for a few months. Once he ascertained that we are dealing with a bioweapon, he freaked-out for a few weeks, so bear that in mind if you watch his earlier videos on bioweapons.

In this videos, Clif provides an excellent summary of where we are at in relation to the progression of this coronavirus, and the cumulative research that he has uncovered and conducted.

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Be well.

COVID-19 Truth & Realities: Jay Campbell and Clif High

This video is jam-packed with information about coronavirus/COVID-19, what Clif believes happened in China, and what we can expect in the next three years.

Key takeaways:
– High-levels of vitamin C are a good defense
– Chaga mushrooms are a good source of vitamin C (chaga is approved by Health Canada)