Every Day, More and More People are Exposing the Fallacy of this Plandemic

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COVID-19 series:

Harvard, UNC, Fauci, NIH, WHO, B&M Gates Foundation guilty of #COVID19 | Prof Francis Boyle, JD, PhD

#COVID19 is caused by vaccines | Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD

NO science behind the lockdown | Dr Dan Erickson

Where did #COVID19 come from? | The Epoch Times

Don’t accept any kind of vaccination | Dr Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Medicine 2008: discovered HIV)

We’re likely overreacting to COVID and dooming ourselves to a horrible future | Prof. John Ioannidis

Flatten the curve is a start, not a solution | Dr David L. Katz, MD

COVID deniers

Governments scour the Earth for hideous diseases to weaponise them | Prof Francis Boyle, JD, PhD

Govts are genetically engineering viruses to wipe out millions | Dr David Sinclair, PhD

Treating #COVID19 with Vitamin C | Dr Rhonda Patrick, PhD

It ain’t ARDS! It’s hypoxia | #COVID19 Docs at the Front

The Pedigree of Bill Gates’ Depopulation Agenda | Greg Reese

Living in a Post-Bioweapon World

Clif High became aware of of the coronavirus bioweapon in late 2019, and has been producing videos about his findings on his YouTube channel for a few months. Once he ascertained that we are dealing with a bioweapon, he freaked-out for a few weeks, so bear that in mind if you watch his earlier videos on bioweapons.

In this videos, Clif provides an excellent summary of where we are at in relation to the progression of this coronavirus, and the cumulative research that he has uncovered and conducted.

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