BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks + Computer Codes + Roota = TOTAL CONTROL

Bix Weir connects the early days of computer programming with the latest Wikileaks revelations and the Federal Reserve’s plan to manipulate markets via computer programs.


CIA Hacks Phones, Cars, GPS, and Spies Through Your TV

Truther Girls offers a great perspective on the #Vault7 leaks and how it once again vindicates “Conspiracy Theorists.”


Year Zero: The First #Vault7 Leak

Sargon of Akkad reports on the latest WikiLeaks data dump, involving the US alphabet agencies.

What impact will this have on the tech giants, like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, especially once governments and corporations put an end to back-doors created by the US government?


Clif High: Deep State Power Struggle, MSM Collapse, More Chaos, Part 1

A female computer scientist, turned talk show host has been interviewing Clif High, lately… In today’s interview, they discuss the DEEP STATE and ongoing political battles, including Vault 7.

I find this FASCINATING because it deals with my own fascination with the impact of technology on society.