Judge Jeanine’s Open – January 7th, 2017

It seems that the Clintons were able to force Eric Trump’s charitable foundation to shutdown, based solely on the assertion that evil is the norm. January 20th can’t get here fast enough!


“They Are Standing Strong By The Will Of Our Voters” – GOP Crushes Democrats Hopes, Confirms Electors Back Trump

While a liberal group responsible for fomenting the Electoral College rebellion claims to have at least 20 of the 37 GOP defectors needed to pull an upset and send the election to the House, The Hill reports that, among Republicans on the ground, though, there is no chatter or speculation surrounding that possibility. The liberal opposition has generated a cottage industry of online speculation that an Electoral College revolt is a real possibility. But state party leaders familiar with the thinking of their electors dismiss the speculation as fantasy.

Republican state party chairmen and local officials expect nearly every GOP elector to fulfill their pledges to vote for Donald Trump for president on Monday when delegates gather across the country to cast their Electoral College ballots.


Despite a media frenzy around the scattered groups of liberals suggesting a groundswell of Republican opposition to Trump, there is little evidence to suggest that many GOP voters will go against the popular vote in their home states.


An Associated Press poll of more than 330 electors published Thursday found similarly long odds for any Electoral College revolt, with both Democrats and Republicans convinced Trump will clinch the vote Monday.


The Hill reached state party chairmen or officials for 10 of the 30 states Trump won in November, accounting for 170 of the 270 electoral votes he needs to win.


The officials in those states, most of whom said they are in close contact with their full slate of delegates and are working in tandem with the Republican National Committee’s whip operation, promised to deliver 169 of the 170 electoral votes up for grabs.


Full story: Zero Hedge

Trump election: Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level

The Defcon Warning System, a private organisation which monitors world events and estimates the nuclear threat against America, is now at Level 5 – its lowest possible state.

Just weeks ago the warning was accelerated to Level 3 following increased tensions between US and Russia, with insiders fearing the West was creeping closer to nuclear war.

Level 3 means US troops could be mobilised in as little as 15 minutes.


Source: Daily Express.

Clinton was “Crying Inconsolably” and Blaming Comey and Obama after Loss

Hillary Clinton clearly wasn’t prepared to lose Tuesday’s election.

Most political “experts” expected the election would be called shortly after the polls closed on the west coast. They said that Clinton was going to win and it wasn’t going to be particularly close. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

It ended up being a late night. Midnight came and went on the east coast with neither candidate declared the winner. But while neither candidate had yet reached 270 electoral votes, Donald Trump was almost assuredly going to win. At 2:31 ET, the Associated Press was the first major news network to make it official.

Moments after the call was made, the media turned their attention toward Clinton HQ. Instead of a concession, John Podesta dressed the crowd, saying that they’re hear from the campaign the following morning.

Now we may know why. Because Hillary Clinton wasn’t taking it well.

Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election late Tuesday night. He delivered his victory speech immediately after the news broke, but the country had to wait until the next morning to hear from Hillary Clinton.

Now we may know why. Several hours after the election results came in, Clinton was still “crying inconsolably” and blaming FBI Director James Comey and Barack Obama for her loss.

This report comes to us from Ed Klein, the former Editor in Chief of NY Magazine. Watch him explain Clinton’s reaction in the video below.


Source: endingthefed.com

PROOF – Blacks, women, Hispanics voted for “racist, sexist” Trump

In case there was ever any doubt . . . Poor people, Millennials, and minorities are what put Trump in the Whitehouse. You know, all the people that the mainstream media says he hates? The people who traditionally vote for Democrats?

How soon do you think the layoffs will begin? NYT is already reporting a 96% drop in ad revenue…


AP: Donald Trumps Wins White House in Astonishing Victory – Breitbart

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president Tuesday, an astonishing victory for a celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters’ economic anxieties, took advantage of racial tensions and overcame a string of sexual assault allegations on his way to the White House.

His triumph over Hillary Clinton will end eight years of Democratic dominance of the White House and threatens to undo major achievements of President Barack Obama. He’s pledged to act quickly to repeal Obama’s landmark health care law, revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite important trade deals with other countries, particularly Mexico and Canada.

The Republican blasted through Democrats’ longstanding firewall, carrying Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that hadn’t voted for a GOP presidential candidate since the 1980s. He needed to win nearly all of the competitive battleground states, and he did just that, claiming Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and others.

Source: breitbart.com