Excellent Example of What the New Energies are Manifesting

From Facebook:

Ah, New Jersey. So freaking proud of you guys, and everyone who drove from New York and Pennsylvania to lend a pair of lungs, and everyone across America who made calls and sent emails.

Do you know what this means? This is a turning point in our movement. THIS IS A NEW DAY! They can’t come back and beat us in New Jersey in a few months because we are too big, too strong, and we’re only getting bigger and stronger with every breath. We are feeding off of their attempts to control us. We’re eating their bills for lunch.

New Jersey, you had lawmakers from both sides of the aisle standing shoulder to shoulder outside with you pandering for your votes today. YOU ARE A VOTING BLOCK! WE ARE A VOTING BLOCK! What do you think 5,000 votes means to a state Senator? It’s means a heck of a lot!

You just humiliated pharma in their own backyard. You went in and beat the daylights out of Merck, Sanofi and Pfizer on their own stomping ground, and you did it with no money. You didn’t have buy off anyone. You did it with your voice.

From here on out, let’s only win, OK? Go save Connecticut next. Stop HPV mandates in New York. Then let’s work on getting California back. Get New York back. Get Maine back.

Then we start on Mississippi and West Virginia again.

Then we start wiping out vaccine requirements to attend school at all. 2020 is all about us.


This even made the news in the New York Times:


Source: https://www.facebook.com/HearThisWell/photos/a.832678623442944/2908635635847222