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All Things Bitcoin. Remember that blog? It was mine. Back in 2012-13, I mined Bitcoin and tried living off my mining income while I recovered from a lengthy hospital stay and was faced with being on long-term disability.

During that time, I experienced first-hand the level of corporate greed and corruption, and thousands of Bitcoin miners were cheated out of their dreams and hard-earned money by the likes of companies like Butterfly Labs and HashFast. Many of us lost everything, including me.

Since then, I have been struggling to get back on my feet, but having ethics and a conscience makes it difficult to find decent work, these days.

Recently, I have been fielding questions from people who are hearing about Bitcoin for the first time, so I decided to put together the following Bitcoin playlist:


Jubilee Shockwaves to Continue Throughout this Fall – The Dollar Vigilante

The Jubilee Year has officially ended… or has it?

I received this about a month ago from a Jewish scholar:

The Yuval (Jubilee) ends on Yom ha Kippur (Day of Atonement), which is on October 11th at sundown, not on October 2nd, which is Rosh Hashanah. The Shemitah always ends on Yom ha Teruah (Day of Trumpets), Yom ha Din (Day of Judgement) and Rosh Hashanah (Head Year), which are all on the same day, but not the Jubilee. It ends ten days later after the ten days of awe.

I reported it to TDV subscribers, but haven’t mentioned it in public, mostly because there were so many massive events occurring this last weekend that a discussion of alternative dates seemed besides the point. But I do want to mention it.

Full Story: Jubilee Shockwaves to Continue Throughout this Fall – The Dollar Vigilante