Blockchain Invented by Kelce Wilson, not Satoshi Nakamoto

Great interview!

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The real inventor of Blockchain, Kelce Wilson, joins Sarah Westall for an interview. He discusses the invention and his patent, the real security issues, and crypto currencies in general. An engaging discussion you haven’t heard elsewhere!

Robert David Steele, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, #UNRIG, Open Source Everything Engineering, Trump

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Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss his recent nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, his work with Open Source Everything Engineering, and what he believes is behind the latest mega arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

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Censorship in America, Economy, Antarctica with Clif High

5/11/2017: Clif High rejoins the program in this two-part interview. This episode we discuss the censorship that is occurring throughout social media channels, particularly on YouTube. We also discuss the economy and many other riveting topics.

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Nobel Prize Nominee Robert David Steele discusses Trump, Comey, Rebuilding Integrity

Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the issues our country faces in Washington and geopolitically.

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