CBC Revenue Plunges 62%

CBC has never had great programming, but these days, it is unwatchable. All they do is promote government-sponsored lies about GMOs, vaccines, climate change, politics, etc. Ezra observes that even their “comedy” shows are now little more than propaganda with a laugh track.

Thankfully, we have YouTube, Vimeo, GabTV, and WatchMyBit.


Dion Bews, Liberal Who Punched Sheila Gunn Reid, Identified

The beta male (aka. male feminist) that punched the Rebel Media’s female reporter has been identified. Before the NDP ran Alberta, this was intolerable. Let’s hope and pray that remains that way.

Dion Bews, the liberal who punched Sheila Gunn Reid, has been identified. How can liberals be mad at Trump if this is happening in their movement?

Through swift detective work and Internet sleuthing, the identity of the attacker was determined to be Dion Bews of Alberta, Canada.

It takes a very special kind of man to lob a throw at a female’s face. This man supposedly stands for the liberal values of equality and kindness. He could have fooled me, though!

Thankfully, even with the total inaction of the female protesters that witnessed the ordeal, Dion Bews will not skip free of this assault. Men who hit women have no place in an intellectual, progressive society. Sheila Gunn Reid is guilty of no crime but still got assaulted for daring to video-record special snowflake Dion Bews.