Robert Steele: Dick Cheney, Not Donald Trump, Orchestrated Firing of Mike Flynn. Flynn Deserved to Be Fired, But Not for Talking to Russians

It is my view that Mike Flynn deserved to be fired — he was simply not up to the job and anyone who shows up on day one with their son as their aide is so low-rent as to be laughable — but he was not fired by Trump and he was not fired for talking to the Russians.

Readers must remember that Henry Kissinger, whose Nobel Peace Prize set a new low in the history of that largely corrupt offering, sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks in order to win an election, killing another 20,000 US troops and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, only to settle for precisely the same terms four years later.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) holds the record for official treason, providing the air targets to the North Vietnamese via the Swiss Embassy, one day in advance, before the pilots even got their assignments, as a “humanitarian gesture.” John McCain’s being shot down is probably directly connected to this treason by LBJ, the same man who enabled and covered up the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK).

So let’s keep all this in perspective.

It was perfectly reasonable for Mike Flynn to talk to the Russian Ambassador prior to Election Day, and I myself have said on Russia Today (RT) and elsewhere that Vladimir Putin’s restraint in the face of Barack Obama provocative idiocy based on lies from John Brennan, helped avert another step toward WWIII.

It merits comments that Flynn was undone in part by the continued NSA and CIA coup against Donald Trump. They continue to spy on all US politicians and senior staff with impunity.

What this is really about is the fact that Mike Flynn was simply not up  to the job and had in addition delusions of grandeur. For all of their flaws as proven war criminals, Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski as least had very large strategic brains. Mike Flynn excelled at tactical drive and contrarian views. He was valuable for that.

Where he lost it was in thinking that he could tell Rex Tillerson and Jim Matter what to do. Never mind Mike Pompeo, CIA has already sodomized Pompeo into irrelevance — the “award” to the Saudi’s suggest that Mike Pompeo is the cuddly of the month for both Saudi Arabia and the Empire, and I would not be surprised if he does not follow Flynn into retirement. He is simply not up to restoring the integrity of the US secret intelligence community — it may be that after Dan Coats dismantles the DNI…

But I digress….

Flynn should never have appeared in public and he should never have allowed the neo-conservatives to bribe him into picking a fight with Iran. As I have written to Donald Trump recently, neither Iran nor Russia (nor North Korea, which is China’s problem and should be ignored) are our enemy. All of our enemies — all of our existential fights — are right here at home.

As I write this Dick Cheney is busy trying to recover from Donald Trump’s very proper rejection of war criminal Elliott Abrams as Deputy Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson was foolish to entertain the idea, but Secretary Tillerson does not know what he does not know. What Trump should be doing is making the very best professionals — the top woman where the Secretary is a man, the top man where the Secretary is a woman — the Deputy Secretary, taking that position out of the ideological fight.

Trump also needs to fire John DeStefano (and of course Reince Preibus, who picked DeStefano, known to all of us as “Boehner’s Revenge”). The Office of Presidential Personnel is in enemy hands at this point, and Trump is being “chumped” by the Republican Party leadership in alliance with the Democratic Party leadership and under the general guidance from the Eastern shore of Dick Cheney. Donald Trump should personally approve every political appointee after an interview (and after they pass  the Presidential Academy that I proposed to the now expired director of the transition team), and he should do so 50 at a time with a solid mix across the political and professional spectrum. Donald Trump needs to build an Independent government that he does not unwittingly fill with moles from the two-party tyranny.

What Trump should NOT do is replace these people this week. He needs to go to all stop, read my memorandum, call in Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Jesse Venture and ideally — yes, me — and have the conversation — of course including Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Jared Kushner that Catherine Austin Fitts has suggested: what kind of Republic do we want? What kind of senior leaders — enabling leaders, not “fiefdom” leaders — do we want?

We do not need a National Security Advisor, particularly one from the senior military ranks who have destroyed our military these past 25 years. We need a National Strategy Advisor capable of orchestrating a Grand Strategy Summit and capable of discreetly ensuring that the President and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget — and the Vice President as the “whip” for Congress — receive what they need to make decisions address all threats, all policies, all budgets, all demographics. There is no senior military officer capable of doing this — if Trump appoints a senior military officer and keeps the National Security Advisor position instead of converting it into a National Strategy Advisor position, he will have been “had” by Dick Cheney, the neo-cons, and Jim Mattis.

The firing of Mike Flynn should lead Donald Trump to hit the pause button, not compound his errors. As I have written to him, everyone is against him EXCEPT We the People, but he is doing nothing at all to reach out to and empower the very public that could protect him from Dick Cheney, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, the Zionists, Saudi Arabia, and Wall Street.

I pray that God connects these thoughts to Donald Trump. They are assuredly in his service, but more importantly, they are rooted in an absolute commitment to restoring the Constitution, the Republic, and the liberty and prosperity of We the People.

Source: Public Intelligence Blog

PizzaGate Pedophilia Updates — Vatican Nervous — Emerging Exposure of Child Protective Services (CPS) as a Criminal Network Harvesting Poor Children for Rich Pedophiles — Massive Censorship Underway Across Facebook, Google, YouTube

This is real, this is deep, this is not going away. Pedophilia is the “last straw” for a public that is now paying attention. Pedophilia will bring down both the Republican and the Democratic “Establishment” as well as their elite overseers from Wall Street to the City of London. While we have no direct knowledge, on balance we consider at least 30% of all this to be credible enough for a global INTERPOL investigation “without borders.” We note with interest the nervousness of Pope Francis — this could bring down the Catholic Church. We are especially concerned about the clear evidence that Child Protective Services (CPS) have become a criminal network in which financial incentives lead to the harvesting of poor children taken from their families to be sold to rich pedophiles, and how firms like DynCorp appear to be central to global human trafficking leveraging military bases and aircraft. We note with interest that PizzaGate has accelerated the already planned censorship mode that Eric Schmidt designed, and is now in full force at Facebook, Google, and YouTube while the mainstream and progressive media all scramble to “shut down” PizzaGate. Alex Jones appears to have been compromised and can no longer be relied upon, this confirms earlier suspicions that he is controlled. The Clinton Foundation remains at the epi-center of it all. David Brock and Correct the Record merit scrutiny — follow the money, follow the children…

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Source: Public Intelligence Blog