Canadian Identity and Multiculturalism

“Official multiculturalism is based on the idea that there is no unified Canadian society and no distinct Canadian identity to integrate into, and that we are just a collection of ethnic and religious tribes living side by side.”

— Maxime Bernier


Why The People’s Party of Canada Exists

“The majority of our candidates, including me, we’re not politicians. We’re regular everyday working class people who are fed up with what we’ve seen spending decades of broken promises. And we want to make that change.”

— Joseph Todd, Kitchener South-Hespeler candidate, People’s Party of Canada

Now THIS is How You Debunk Propaganda from the Corporate Media

Frank Vaughan debunks an article on the Toronto Star’s web-site that seeks to smear Canada’s newest political party — the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) as an alt-right, white nationalist organization.  The Star’s article is little more than leftist propaganda, as Canada’s failing media compete for a share of Prime Minister Trudeau’s  $595 million “bail-out” fund.