FLASHBACK: Did Rudy Giuliani just admit “It’s all true”? From #Pizzagate to 9/11

When some one mentions Rudy Giuliani I can honestly say that I am not fan. I really believe he has been critical in burying the 911 story. America’s Mayor…. more like Israel’s Mayor. I really have a hard time finding even two words on a positive note about the man… until last night. While surfing for online footage of the Russian ambassador’s assassination I ran across an unbelievable Tweet. In fact, it is so unreal I spent the rest of the night taking screen shots and trying to figure out if this has any weight to it. In a final tell-all Tweet to end a series of seemingly out of character Tweets, the former Mayor makes a statement that can only be described as explosive. Can this be a hoax? Or are we looking at the first honest politician ever? If it is a genuine tweet, this is going to get buried so fast our heads will spin and completely covered up. On the other side, if this is a fake people could say it is a “plant” to further discredit alternative media. I won’t make this a long post, but I knew some comment was needed. The claim that this account is fake should be looked at first. There are more than one “RudolphGiuliani” Twitter accounts, created at different times. Here is a screen shot of the explosive account in question, (exhibit A)

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Dave Hodges & Mike Adams Discuss Recent Google Attacks on NaturalNews.com and InfoWars.com

Mike Adams claims he rejected a $50,000 offer to take-down Alex Jones only a few days before NaturalNews.com was blacklisted by Google.

Use DuckDuckGo.com, instead.


#BREAKING: Exclusive: Ex-CIA Robert Steele Interview – #PizzaGate, Trump’s Path to Greatness & More


Video Description
VL EXCLUSIVE – A man we have been following, personally, for years now, who we consider to be brilliant, honest and a leader in this country – Robert David Steele, just talked to us about pedo-gate, Comet Ping Pong, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, Zionism, the Rothschilds, Soros, 9/11, the electoral reform, the shadow government, and his thoughts on President Trump and what he needs to do to be the greatest President in modern history!

He asks us to “light up the internet” urging President Trump to NOT choose a National Security Advisor, but instead meet with Robert David Steele to set an Electoral Reform #UNRIG !


Source: Paul Stramer.

Clif High: We stand at the cusp, the rest is up to us

This is a great interview with Clif High. The first part is a discussion about how to combat Google’s new algorithms that seek to limit freedom of speech.

Start at the 27:30 mark (to skip past the technical discussion)

Video Description
Clif High, the creator of the Web Bot project joins me to discuss world events, economics and the current state of the battle between free humanity and the blood sucking vampires who seek to destroy us. our far reaching conversation touches on everything from the extinction of the human race by 2030 to our potential to reach the stars. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Once An Actor, Always An Actor: David Bowie Lives? [video]

Here’s a bit of mirth to close out an amusing and intriguing year.

David Bowie appears to be alive and well, and many have claimed the same of countless public entertainment figures over the years their claims met with understandable skepticism.

When actress Debbie Reynolds made her final exit this month—stage right—the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia, I had to raise a quizzical eyebrow. Really? That can’t be a coincidence. And George Michael, too? Naw, no coincidence.

You rarely get to be a superstar on this planet without the backing of the Illuminati. They pull the strings. Sell your soul, and anything is possible—including a teary-eyed tribute, to boot.

Old performers never die; they just pick up a new persona. The magic of Hollywood.

Thanks for the heads up, M. You could be correct in suggesting some of these performers are seeking to sever the satanic pedophilia strings that could inevitably lead to them—were they unable to come up with the juicy payment to script their new lives; a temporary sanctuary.

Witness protection programs until PizzaGate blows over? Anything is possible in Hollywood. ~ BP

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture.