Qatar Papers Update, May 12th, 2020

Originally, we were told that the Qatar Papers would expose all of the poltical parties in Canada, except Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada, and that they would be released before the October 2019 election in Canada. It never happened, and Tom Quiggin has left a lot of us wondering if it was just another PsyOp. Now, it’s May, 2020, and Trudeau is destroying Canada. Where are the papers, Tom?

Shown below is a recent post from the Quiggin Report’s Facebook page.  So far, there aren’t any federal politicians mentioned.

Canadian politicians documented links to the #QatarPapers extremism funding scandal. Documents are from the Qatar Charity intelligence leak. #CDNpoli

You can read more about the scandal in the book written by french journalists
Christian Chesnot & Georges Malbrunot.…/…/B07QJ7TP6T

Here are the first five episodes relevant to Canada.…/qatar-papers-ford-nation-the-islam…