CLIF HIGH: Fukushima, Flat Earth, Hollow Moon, Spaceships, Antarctica, Fallen Angels, Giants

In this interview, Clif High runs a gamut of topics about what the future holds, including the impact that psychologial warfare and misinformation campaigns like “Flat Earth” and “Fake News” have had on his work.

Part One

Part Two


The Pentagon’s Pro-Al-Qaeda Propaganda

Would it surprise you to know that the Pentagon paid a public relations company to create propaganda that favoured Al-Qaeda?

Video Description
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura & Tabetha Wallace are joined by Michael Maloof to talk about the Pentagon’s Al-Qaeda PR push in during the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Alice Driver, journalist and expert on South and Central America, joins us for a discussion about what is not reported in the U.S. media concerning U.S. – Mexico relations. Tabetha presents her 1-minute campaign roundup including Trump having a thing or two to say to those suffering from PTSD.