Coffee with Scott Adams – Gullible losers attack again

Scott Adams explores how the mainstream media is complicit in promoting the terrorst agenda…



Exclusive: British Journalist Destroys MSM Lies on Syria

It amazes me how many people say they don’t believe the lamestream media, then suddenly accept the stories about Trump’s missile strike on Syria. This video offers a more realistic perspective. Enjoy!


CBC Revenue Plunges 62%

CBC has never had great programming, but these days, it is unwatchable. All they do is promote government-sponsored lies about GMOs, vaccines, climate change, politics, etc. Ezra observes that even their “comedy” shows are now little more than propaganda with a laugh track.

Thankfully, we have YouTube, Vimeo, GabTV, and WatchMyBit.


President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” – What They Won’t Tell You

President Donald Trump’s recent immigration related executive orders temporarily ban visitors from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan from entering the United States without “extreme vetting” and stop the intake refugees from these countries for at least 30 days. Is this a “Muslim Ban” as is being reported – or is the mainstream media lying to you once again?