Red Hen Owner STALKED the Sanders Family, Screaming, Yelling

Found in the comments at Historic Downtown Lexinton Virginia’s Facebook page

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was not only chased out of the Red Hen restaurant, the owner Stephanie Wilkinson followed the family across the street to another restaurant to harass them.

This was reported by the press secretary’s father, former Governor Mike Huckabee on Laura Ingraham’s radio show this morning.

Sarah and her husband left and went home without eating because they had been humiliated. They ‘had enough’ her father said. Sarah and her husband had driven three-and-a-half hours for this dinner.

The rest of their family went to dine across the street.

The owner was actually tormenting Sarah’s in-laws, most of whom are liberals and leftists.

The Red Hen restaurant owner called up other leftists to come and protest outside the other restaurant. They stood outside the second restaurant yelling, screaming, waving signs, and protesting in a vile manner.

One of Sarah’s left-wing relatives went out and told the owner and her fascist group he was on the left and disliked Trump but she was embarrassing him and hurting the cause.

Sarah Sanders has a civil rights action against the Red Hen restaurant.

The left has been reduced to Banana Republic tactics thanks to the far-left Democrats. Bill O’Reilly calls it “virtue fascism” and it is fascism. The leftists pretend they own “morals” and they know what is “morally” correct. They do not. They are bullies shutting down opposing opinions. It is not virtuous to let foreign parents send their children up to enter the US illegally with cartels. The little girls have Plan B and birth control with them for when they are raped. It is a long and dangerous journey. That is not “moral”.

And, we are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic.

There were other issues rationally discussed on the show you might want to hear.

Go from about 16:00 to 28:00:



Source: Red Hen Owner STALKED the Sanders Family, Screaming, Yelling

Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family – FOLLOWED THEM to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment!

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Source: Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family – FOLLOWED THEM to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment!

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