Social Distancing (Funny!)

From my newsfeed:

Here’s a little virus humor (is that a thing?)
This was written by my brother Don Stewart. (who was supposed to help me sing this crazy thing by the way……but didn’t) Hope you all enjoy!!!

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Elizabeth May interrupts Michelle Rempel for using ‘unparliamentary’ language: ‘The word was f-a-r-t’

Sometimes, Canadian politics are funny . . . -Ed.

The House of Commons is where impassioned speeches are made, laws are born or die and political parties fight for their competing visions of Canada — just please refrain from using a word such as “fart,” lest you offend other MPs. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May took issue with the language used by Michelle Rempel…

via Elizabeth May interrupts Michelle Rempel for using ‘unparliamentary’ language: ‘The word was f-a-r-t’ — National Post – Top Stories

Donald Trump’s Weekend

Seeking a weekend break from his campaign rallies, Donald Trump jetted to his yacht, which was docked off the coast of Italy. He invited Pope Francis and the press corps on board for a Saturday afternoon cruise. It was a rather windy day.

The Pope’s little hat, his zucchetto, was blown from his head and into the water.

A crewman began lowering a boat to retrieve the zucchetto. Trump told the crewman not to bother. Trump climbed down the yacht’s ladder; walked across the waves, picked up the zucchetto; walked back to the yacht and handed it to the Pope. The Pope and the press corps were amazed! Donald Trump could actually walk on water!

Speculation immediately began as to how ABC, CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post and New York Times would report this miraculous event to the rest of the world.

The next morning the New York Times headline read,

“Donald Trump Can’t Swim!”.