The Tommy Robinson Arrest (THE SAAD TRUTH_656) #FreeTommy

Dr. Gad Saad discusses the arrest of Tommy Robinson, and how Western civilization has lost its ability to defend and protect its most vulnerable–the children.


Professor Jordan Peterson Speaks at University of Toronto Protest

Professor Jordan Peterson set social justice activists on fire when he started publishing his series on the dangers of political correctness. After a protest against him last week, he held his own counter-protest today.



Gad Saad discusses political correctness and freedom of speech with Psychologist Jordan Peterson . . .

Jordan’s website:



Jordan Peterson reads a letter calling for his silencing and discipline from a variety of groups claiming to represent students on the University of Toronto campus.

Here are the student activists, if you want to write them and make your concerns known.

  • Denio Lourenco, UTMSU LGBTQ Coordinator –
  • Marise Hopkins, UTMSU & Black Liberation Collective Organizer –
  • Mala Kashyap, President Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students –
  • Roya Ghahremani, Executive Director OUT@UTM –
  • Julian Olivera – LGBTOUT, University of Toronto –
  • Nour Alideeb, UTMSU President –

Here are two of the top university administrators to which this letter was sent:

  • President Meric Gertler, University of Toronto –
  • Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr, University of Toronto –


In this video, Jordan Peterson reads a letter calling for his silencing and discipline from a branch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (Queer Caucus), claiming that he is creating a hostile workplace, and indicating that the union will be “organizing and acting accordingly.”

You can write the following people at if you want to express your opinion. Please do so thoughtfully and carefully:

  • Chair: Ryan Culpepper
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Emily Clare
  • Vice Chair, Unit 1: Megan Harris
  • Vice Chair, Unit 3: Erich Vogt
  • Vice Chair, Unit 5: Alexandra Zuckermann
  • Vice Chair, Colleges: Kristen Allen
  • Communications/Recording Secretary: Pamela Arancibia
  • Internal Liaison Officer: Meaghan Marian
  • External Liaison Officer: Evan Miller
  • Grievance Officer: Kevin Edmonds
  • Executive Director: Wayne Dealy
  • Staff Representative: Rebecca Strung