This is one of the ugliest elections that Canada has ever seen

First, PPC party leader Maxime Bernier wasn’t invited to the Leaders’ Debates, and now, media outlets who aren’t approved the the Trudeau government are being denied access to not only the debates, but campaign events, as well.

The People’s Party of Canada is the only party defending the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, this election.

You can watch the October 7th Federal Leaders’ Debate on CPAC, at or here:

Trudeau giving social media companies a legal excuse for a massive political purge

Editor’s note: I manage a dozen Twitter accounts. The same day this video was posted, Twitter locked nine of those accounts, and refuses to accept my telephone number to verify that I own the accounts. Some of the accounts are hardly used, so any claims of violating Twitter’s terms of service or suspicious activity are nonsense.

One of the accounts that was locked was for Supporters of the PPC. In the last week, many PPC supporters have lost as many as 40 followers overnight, as Twitter’s purge of people the Trudeau Liberals don’t like continues. We now have to be careful when retweeting, for fear of being locked-out or suspended by Twitter.

The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau: Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux

Video Description
Ezra Levant is a journalist and the founder of TheRebel Media, Canada’s largest independent news network. He is the author of “Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights” and “Trumping Trudeau: How Donald Trump will change Canada even if Justin Trudeau doesn’t know it yet.”

CBC Revenue Plunges 62%

CBC has never had great programming, but these days, it is unwatchable. All they do is promote government-sponsored lies about GMOs, vaccines, climate change, politics, etc. Ezra observes that even their “comedy” shows are now little more than propaganda with a laugh track.

Thankfully, we have YouTube, Vimeo, GabTV, and WatchMyBit.