Trump’s COVID-19 Press Conferences, Decoded, April 3rd, 2020

Everything in the press conferences have meaning. Most of what they are saying is code and comms. We’ve been trained to have eyes to see things that way, it’s important to read between the lines.

I took some notes from the press conferences yesterday and wanted to break them down for you…. So we can start to see the bigger operations being run, currently.

I broke key phrases into sections, so we can connect things in a deeper way.

3M was mentioned many times yesterday in the press conferences, 3M was one of the larger donor’s to the Clinton Foundation. They were also asked by the Clinton Foundation, to be a part of the Clinton Climate Initiative, to help support and eliminate carbon dioxide, which of course is really the elimination of humans, who are carbon dioxide producers, think “reduce your carbon footprint.” See? Yep. Now, 3M was also interconnected with the UN. 3M was interconnected with the UN to help bring about agenda 21/30. The depopulation of the world and WORSE. They also work in over 200 counties, and follow the UN guidelines for human trafficking. Interesting considering the UN is one of the largest human trafficking organizations, in the world. And why were they donating to the Clinton Foundation? Which was a human trafficking operation. The UN also worked and honored the Clinton Foundation, all about sustainability… Sustainability was always about eating and destroying humans. That was the bottom of the agenda. 3M also based their human trafficking work guidelines, off the UN’s guidelines, what a high standard.

Now, global supply chains, why is that significant and why is that mentioned so much in the press conferences? Global supply chains is wording used in human trafficking…. Its the movement of trafficking victims around the world. In fact a large percentage of global supply chains are trafficked humans. Obviously, in many different areas of demand. Why were they talking about the global supply chains in the press conferences? Because it’s full of human trafficking, and needs to be rooted out. What is 3M? A global company totally interwoven to the elite/DS operation. What else does 3M have? Global supply chains. What were they doing for the UN and the Clinton Foundation? I’ll let you decide.

Hotspots? Why is that significant in the press conferences…. Hotspots is another term used in human trafficking. Hotspots are areas where massive human trafficking happens, and cities are a huge part of that.These areas have very highly dense human trafficking problems. When you hear them talk about hotspots in the press conferences, think human trafficking. Underground systems in cities are transportation systems that make it easy to move victims, from one point to the next. Metro area’s are also tied in with hotspot ‘cities’…. Easy to move, underground tunnels and systems. Those systems are also connected in and out of businesses and building.

How does black market, hoarders and brokers play into human trafficking? The broker’s are the middle man. They connect victim, with buyers, they get a cut of the profit too. Their job is to make sure they place the right victims, in the hands of the right buyer…. The black market is one of the main areas that trafficking, child pornography, organ harvesting and selling happens. The black market is huge for buying organs illegally. Sold, and bought all through the black market. Think abortion and the harvesting of baby organs, which is just one part of this sick industry. Hoarders…. Was mentioned a ton. Here’s a quote that connects the hoarders and brokers:

“And I would say to the hoarders out there, the brokers who are trying to make money off the misery of people in this country or around the world — that’s got to stop. That stuff has absolutely got to stop.”

Hoarder’s holding humans, and obviously connected with the broker’s who move the human commodity all over the world. Barr also made a comment about storing surgical masks in Warehouses….. But did you know that they were running human trafficking operations out of medical warehouses? Keeping human trafficking victims in medical warehouses? Yep! Busts being made…. big time. So, the medical industry is a big part of this human trafficking operation.

What we have to understand is all global trade deals, before Trump were used to work out human trafficking operations. Trump knows that the global supply chains, which link back to the global trade deals were used to hide human trafficking and profits. The underbelly of trade deals was humans. On the surface it was goods, commodities etc……

….. But underneath it was humans/ and children. All the global industries had their hands in human trafficking. DS operations.

Were the medical supply companies low on medical equipment because they were in the business of human trafficking? Human trafficking is the foundation to all the curruption.

Also, did you know that NHS admitted much of the surgical equipment being made was from children in Pakistan. And the condition these children work in, is horrific. Infact, the NHS doesn’t even know where their equipment is coming from? Could this be why we have a shortage? Because we’re cutting off child labor in the US.

I also want to know if they were selling medical equipment illegally on the black market, to use on the victims they kept in underground facilities. If these big medical manufacturers were interconnected with the elite/DS agenda, you know they were making stuff for the underground facilities, that hold millions and millions of victims.

Another thought I have, did they know Trump administration was going to be running these massive human trafficking rescue operation? And they wanted to make it harder to save victims.

We’re dealing with very evil people. Very. Very deep and interwoven connections. This is much WORSE and much deeper then we know.



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