Climate Magic: The 0bservers vs. NOAA

More evidence that weather data is manipulated to support the Climate Change Hoax…


Man-Made Climate Change Scam DEBUNKED! (With Lord Christopher Monckton)

This video needs to go viral. The Climage Change crowd needs to be exposed for the frauds that they are, and this video leaves litle doubut.

Video Description
Josh Sigurdson sits down with Lord Christopher Monckton to talk about anthropogenic “global warming” and who benefits from this massive scam.

The state has been given people’s money on a golden platter as they scare collective herds into being extorted and regulated to stop global warming, using the fear of the very flexible weather to bring the populace into complete servitude.

Lord Monckton has again and again debunked the 97% consensus and has peer reviewed studies with some of the world’s top authorities on climate and science to back them.

In this video he breaks down the latest information he’s uncovered, the growing fascist extortion racket bringing massive profit to banks and oil companies in the name of “saving the world”, the taxation forcing people to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families in the winter and the lack of objective, sceptical research in the field.

This is a must see interview! Lord Monckton certainly doesn’t leave room for many questions, he certainly loves to talk, but his insight is incredibly valuable!

WATCH – Hypocrisy of smog-spewing taxis at COP22

How can anybody trust government officials spewing climate change propaganda? I have said for years that any discussion of climate change that excludes geo-engineering (aka. weather modification) is a waste of time. This summit is no exception.

Only Thing Melting Down In Greenland Is The Credibility Of Government Scientists

Government scientists say that Greenland is melting down.

Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow since September. All of this has to return to the sea/atmosphere in order to maintain equilibrium of the ice sheet.

Greenland Ice Sheet

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The melt season is over a month late getting started.

The coastal regions are still buried in snow. This is the capital of Greenland today.

Temperatures on the ice sheet are -20C

Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing on the ice sheet for the next two weeks.

Greenland is not melting down. But it wasn’t always like this.  Seventy-five years ago, glaciers were disappearing there very quickly.

NASA says that temperatures are much warmer now that Greenland is not melting.

One might conclude that government climate science and the official temperature record are a complete farce, and they would be correct.