BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks + Computer Codes + Roota = TOTAL CONTROL

Bix Weir connects the early days of computer programming with the latest Wikileaks revelations and the Federal Reserve’s plan to manipulate markets via computer programs.


CIA Hacks Phones, Cars, GPS, and Spies Through Your TV

Truther Girls offers a great perspective on the #Vault7 leaks and how it once again vindicates “Conspiracy Theorists.”


How to secure your data after the Cloudflare leak

Cloudflare revealed yesterday that a bug in its code caused sensitive data to leak from some of the major websites that use its performance enhancement and security services. Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid and 1Password are among Cloudflare’s millions of clients, and it’s possible that personal data such as passwords and cookies leaked from many client websites during…

via How to secure your data after the Cloudflare leak — TechCrunch