January 12th Energy Shift

Just before I sat down to write this, the plumber left. We are having heavy precipitation north of Lakes Erie and Ontario, and it looks like the city’s storm drains are having a hard time keeping-up with all of the water. Our basement was flooded, but the plumber got the blockage cleared. Now, we just have to let things dry-out.

While the plumber was busy in the basement, I decided to come online and see what has been happening. I found this infographic and had to share.


For those of you who may not be aware, 2012 was marked by Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn–a 250-year cycle (roughly) that was present when the US Declaration of Independence was signed. Previously, this aspect brought us the Post Office and central banking. I suppose we can say that this time brought us Bitcoin.

With this aspect, we are already seeing the universe attempting to balance-out a grave injustice that was done to the Iranian people in 1979, when 52 hostages were held at the US Embassy in Iran, as part of the overthrow of western civilization in that country. I was in grade five when it happened, and I have a strong memory of those 444 days. It was pre-cursor to George H.W. Bush entering the White House as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President, and 30 years of US rule by the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime families.

Another thing that was happening back then, as most of us learned 20 years after the fact, was the US farmers’ battle with the big banks. The banks were stealing farms by way of foreclosure. Remember Farm Aid? That was all about helping-out those farmers. Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2015, the night before they were about to play at the 30th Farm Aid. I remember hearing John Mellencamp mutter under his breath, “I can’t believe we’re still doing this.” That struck a chord with me.

The reason it struck a chord is that Farm Aid was also an effort to help the farmers who were waiting on the monies they were awarded in the Farm Claims Program, which later became known as NESARA. I had chills when I saw Trump meet with the American Farm Bureau in 2017, because it was the first time a US President had done so in 25 years (ie. since the Farm Claims). When Trump announces how much money he is giving to the farmers and encourages them to buy new, big, beautiful tractors, I can’t help but wonder if they are finally getting their money.

Do you see where I am going with this? If ever there was an astrological aspect that favoured the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and the global currency reset (RV/GCR), this is it!

For those of us who have been holding currency, now is the time to dust-off our dreams and re-familiarize ourselves with what life will be like with our new-found wealth. This aspect seems to be all about slapping the bad guys down and serving justice teo those who have been harmed or disadvantaged in the last 38 years.

It is only January 12th, and 2020 is already an amazing year, like no other!