Clif High: Fed Will Crash; Fed Is the Market

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Internet Data mining expert Clif High’s latest report says, ““The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something. . . . We have something akin to a definition change relative to bonds. . . . One way to think about this is there is going to be a human collective or re-understanding, or new understanding, about the whole bond market as we go forward in August, September and October. This is going to cause huge disruptions for governments, which basically depends on the bonds as its source of funds. I don’t know what that definition is going to mean, but the way the language is presenting itself, it’s very much like the same language that appeared in newspapers ahead of the Bretton Woods conference. . . . At that time, a bunch of countries got together around WWII and talked about how to deal with gold, money and the dollar after the war was over. . . . We have that same kind of language now relative to the bonds. . . .This redefinition is going to cause real problems relative to governments. If I had to guess, I don’t think we will have a stock market crash, but a government crash or Fed crash or bank crash. I don’t think a stock market crash will be meaningful because by the time it crashes, nobody will care because before we get there, the Fed will crash. The Fed is the market.”

Maybe this is why Clif High is also seeing language that prices are going up for things like Bitcoin, gold and silver. Clif is seeing the term “gold fever” repeatedly. He is also seeing the term “silver rush” for the white metal.

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All Things Bitcoin
All Things Bitcoin. Remember that blog? It was mine. Back in 2012-13, I mined Bitcoin and tried living off my mining income while I recovered from a lengthy hospital stay and was faced with being on long-term disability.

During that time, I experienced first-hand the level of corporate greed and corruption, and thousands of Bitcoin miners were cheated out of their dreams and hard-earned money by the likes of companies like Butterfly Labs and HashFast. Many of us lost everything, including me.

Since then, I have been struggling to get back on my feet, but having ethics and a conscience makes it difficult to find decent work, these days.

Recently, I have been fielding questions from people who are hearing about Bitcoin for the first time, so I decided to put together the following Bitcoin playlist:


Clif High: Deep State Power Struggle, MSM Collapse, More Chaos, Part 1

A female computer scientist, turned talk show host has been interviewing Clif High, lately… In today’s interview, they discuss the DEEP STATE and ongoing political battles, including Vault 7.

I find this FASCINATING because it deals with my own fascination with the impact of technology on society.

Web Bot Summaries for March, 2017 (#Bitcoin outpriced #Gold, today!)

March 2nd, 2017 – Bitcoin outpriced Gold for the FIRST TIME in history!

Clif High’s web bot is forecasting 2017 to be a break-out year for the prices of precious metals and Bitcoin.


Silver The Antidote

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Trump’s New Budget Director Supports Bitcoin

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Guess who President Trump just appointed as Director of the powerful Office of Management and Budget? – Bitcoin advocate Mike Mulvaney.

Mulvaney, age 49, is well equipped to help open the gates to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the US in this new age of the Trump administration. He graduated from Georgetown University as an Honors Scholar, the highest level of academic achievement, in International Economics, Commerce and Finance.

That earned him a full scholarship to attend law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where his focus was in antitrust law.

When he was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2011, he was the first Republican since 1883 to represent South Carolina’s 5th congressional district. He has solicited bitcoin donations for his campaigns.

Last Thursday, in a mostly party-line vote, Mulvaney won Senate approval 51-to-49.

As a House member, Mulvaney helped launch the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, along with Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo) and David Schweikert (R-Ariz).

Will Japan’s Declaration of Bitcoin as Legal Tender Accelerate Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption?

It’s being reported by Sputnik News and other sources that Japan has declared Bitcoin to be legal tender. Unfortunately, I have not been able to quickly confirm this through Japanese sources. The use of BTC as legal tender in one of the world’s leading economies is a big plus for Bitcoin, and likely to lead to a much more rapid pace of adoption. Volume is strong on increasing price.

Be aware that volume on exchanges doesn’t necessarily equate to gross transactions. There are OTC transactions and P2P transfers via the blockchain (see There is one thing that is apparent, though. JPY is the new Bitcoin darling, replacing CNY in terms of BTC trade volume on exchanges.

Full Story: Zero Hedge.

Iran stops using US dollar, could become next major #Bitcoin market

On Jan. 29, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif officially announced during a national television interview that the US dollar will no longer be used within the country as a response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial temporary travel ban on certain countries including Iran.

According to the official statement of the Iranian central bank and Seif, the government intends to terminate the usability of U.S. dollars in Iran and replace USD with a stable reserve currency that is more frequently used in foreign trades.
Currently, the central bank of Iran are exploring two options; whether to select one particular foreign currency such as the euro which is used widely for foreign trades in Iran or to establish multiple currencies and thus allowing the Iranian people to select whichever currency they would prefer to use.

One major issue analysts have on the elimination of USD as a legal tender in Iran is that the USD is the foundation of the oil industry in Iran, which accounts for approximately $41 bln in revenue. The replacement of USD could lead to severe complications for local authorities.

 Impact on Bitcoin and its demand

The Iranian Bitcoin industry has a relatively shallow Bitcoin exchange market and infrastructure. BTXCapital, the country’s first Bitcoin exchange which was launched in August of 2015, entered the Iranian market in hopes to provide a more reliable and secure alternative to peer-to-peer trading platforms such as CoinAva and LocalBitcoins.

With a market of over 50 million Internet users, BTXCapital stated that Iran has a potential to become the next major Bitcoin market in the upcoming years. Ganesh Jung, CEO of Draglet, the development firm behind a white label Bitcoin exchange platform used by BTXCapital as its base infrastructure, emphasized the struggle Iranian people undergo to purchase Bitcoin in the country.

In an interview, Jung stated:

“It’s really hard to get hold of Bitcoin in Iran. There were ways to buy Bitcoin but the process was very difficult and the amounts it was possible to buy were small. The market is massive. A large population with a high proportion connected to the internet means there is a lot of completely untapped market potential. Our platform makes trading really easy. All you need to do is deposit some local currency and then you can trade.”

As seen in India, wherein people began to search for alternative stores of value or gold-like assets such as Bitcoin amid economic turmoil and financial disaster, it is likely that the Iranian people will look out for currencies like Bitcoin that are decentralized and easily transferable.

(Original Source: The CoinTelegraph)

Source: Tehran Times