Q: The STORM is REAL and It’s HERE.


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Our friend Tracy Beanz and some of the insiders from the 4chan, 8chan and CBTS Reddit boards join me for a round table discussion about #Q. And one thing about which we all agree quickly becomes clear, the Storm is REAL and it is upon us – and NONE of it would be happening if hardcore globalist criminal Hillary Clinton was in the White House.

Our journey into “The Storm”: An interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi #QAnon #TheStorm

Dr. Jerome Corsi and Tracy Beanz unwind the last few days of #QAnon activity on 8chan.


Video Description

“I may be an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect” – Dr. Ron Paul

I am honored and privileged to present this interview to you. Dr. Jerome Corsi is a respected and distinguished patriot. Please watch to hear his take on the recent Q posts, as well as the story behind the highly controversial move to the new board– “The Storm”

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#QAnonRelay on Twitter + #8chan Message #TheStormIsHere

It looks like something could be happening VERY SOON.
If the second message (from 8chan) is accurate, it could be a matter of hours . . .

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