The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact

Video Description
In December 2018, world leaders gather to sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – a disaster for Western countries which virtually eliminates property rights and free speech, enshrining the right for everyone to enter Western countries and live off the taxpayer.

Global Compact
The Global Compact for Migration is the first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions. The global compact is non-legally binding. It is grounded in values of state sovereignty, responsibility-sharing, non-discrimination, and human rights, and recognizes that a cooperative approach is needed to optimize the overall benefits of migration, while addressing its risks and challenges for individuals and communities in countries of origin, transit and destination.

The global compact comprises 23 objectives for better managing migration at local, national, regional and global levels. The compact:

aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;

intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;

seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;

strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels…


Toronto Mayoral Candidate, Faith Goldy, Meets Rudy Guliani

Toronto elects a new mayor on October 22nd. Yesterday was the first mayoral debate, to which she was not invited, even though she is polling at third place out of six candidates, and showed-up with a petition with 5,000 signatures, asking that she be included in the debate. She was escorted off stage by Toronto Police.

The establishment hates her. They have tried to paint her as a Nazi and a white supremist. As a journalist, she reported on school complaints about “refugees,” when MSM would not.

She ran into trouble at the Charlottesville protests, last year, and has ridden with Uber drivers from New York to Roxham Road, where they drop-off said “refugees.”

I hope this is a sign that the White Hats are behind Faith!