Putting #QAnon to the Test

For the last two days, People have been posting Q Anon messages that seem to indicate that this coming week could be damaging to the Deep State. To me, it makes sense because President Trump’s Executive Order of December 21st declared a national emergency, thus putting the US military at his disposal for 60 days, which end on Monday, February 19th, 2018. This coming week is the last full week of the national emergency.

This morning, this appeared in my newsfeed (Thanks, M!):


In a nutshell, it seems to indicate that the marines will be taking the 44th President of the United States into custody, tonight, and that the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will be used, similar to the Hawaii missile alert, last month.

Stay alert. This week could be very exciting!


Anna von Reitz: Whether to Laugh or Cry

I suppose if I were a Jesuit tonight I would be highly amused and there is no doubt that I would be laughing— loudly—-at the apparently universal assumption among the Innocent that if anyone is familiar with such things as black magic, trust law, ecclesiastical law, canon law— well! They MUST be a Jesuit……

In fact, if anyone is smart and worldly at all…. they must either be a Jesuit or have been trained by Jesuits.

That is the universal assumption— and what an unwitting compliment to them, even if it isn’t true.

Jesuits have a well-deserved reputation as the Hit Men of the Roman Catholic Church. Please observe, America, that I said very precisely— “Roman Catholic Church”—– not to be confused with the “Universal Catholic Church”.

Two different things, just like “The United States of America” is not the same as “the United States of America”.

You have to –sooner or later– develop the eyes and ears to see and to hear…. for your own sake and for the sake of the whole world.

I released my new book, and, like magic, here’s all the same old crap again.

All the Sophists and Bar Members are in full hue and cry, and well they might be, for I have exposed them and worse, have exposed their means of misleading people.

Not only do they habitually pretend to BE their enemies, they pretend that their enemies are them. It’s really kind of fun once you figure that out, like walking through a hall of mirrors and knowing that if they say one thing, it means the exact opposite.

So now, I “must be” a Jesuit….. tell me, then, why would I expose the role and responsibility of the Popes in all the deplorable mis-administration of the American National Trust? Call them out for being in Breach of Trust? That’s a rather chilling charge to bring against the Authors of all Trusts, is it not?

Why would I enlighten all of you about the existence of the Unum Sanctum Trust? How many ever heard of it before I blew the cover story?

The history of Mystery Babylon?

Why would I reveal that the Statue of Liberty is an idol honoring the Sumerian goddess known as Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Isis, Astarte, Cybele and…. Columbia, as in District of Columbia….also known as the Great Abomination and the Mother of All Whores?

No Jesuit in their right mind has ever told you one word about any of that, have they? That’s not their job, and if you knew anything at all about Jesuits, you would know why. You would know the story of Ignatius Loyola and the Spanish Conquest. And no, you would not mistake me for one of them.

The Jesuits serve the Popes. It’s their job to go where he tells them to go, and do whatever he tells them to do. Let’s see if you have all progressed to the point where you can add two plus two….. how can we have a Jesuit Pope?

Get your thinking caps on, people, and read my Letter to Cardinal George where I very precisely identify exactly who and what I am, for him and for you — a member of the “Universal Catholic Church” — not the Roman Catholic Church. I am in fact, what you would all think of as a Protestant—- an Evangelical Lutheran.

There are others equally skilled as the Jesuits. There are others who have considered and learned and traveled all the paths of the Netherworld. The vaunted famous Jesuits aren’t the only ones who have the records and know the past, nor are they the only ones who can reason and think, who can use logic and grammar as weapons.

As it turns out for all of you, it’s a good thing that there are people like me, who aren’t Jesuits and who aren’t obligated to cover up for the failures and wrong-doings of the Holy See. Without us, your entire country would be set up for sale like a giant flea market to pay the debts of Mystery Babylon.

If you have any sense, get on your knees and thank Our Father in Heaven that people who don’t owe you a dime, who don’t owe you a drop of sweat— have spent their lives and risked their lives to protect you and yours, from the day of the Crucifixion onward.

And whether the sheep fear the Shepherd or run for shelter while he stands in the way of the wolves, is indeed up to the sheep. I suppose I should expect no better response from people who are confused and ignorant and in harm’s way. How do they know, but by the fruits? And what fruits can they see, except what has been shown to them?

Still, the next time that someone says that I am a Jesuit— you all have my permission to cut them off at the knees and hit the delete button.


Trump Like Populist Wins Czech Presidency

Video Description


Yesterday 73-year-old incumbent populist Miloš Zeman won another 5-year term as President of the Czech Republic.
In a Trump-like victory, polls had predicted Zeman’s defeat by several percentage points, but in the end, Zeman won a 3-point victory.

Zeman noted that his nation would welcome Ukranians fleeing war because of their cultural similarity, but his nation’s doors would remain closed to what he called “………”

In another similarity to the Trump campaign, Zeman was known for straight talk and open sniping at journalists. In what appears to be the new leftist theme worldwide, Zeman’s opponent tried to claim that Russia was supporting the rightist candidate, Zeman, and trying to defeat the leftist.

That’s about as logical as the American version of that argument – that Putin tried to defeat Clinton after paying her hundreds of millions of dollars after she gave him the Uranium One deal. Or that Putin supported Trump whom they knew would ratchet up military spending.