Good Guys Are Preparing America For A Major Economic Transition: Bix Weir

Great interview!


What’s Going on? The Dow Jones Industrial Average is Down, Cryptos are Down… #MemoDay

Not only that, people are leaving Facebook . . . Sources Dow plunges 1,500 points, S&P 500 now negative… by allbtc


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Bitcoin for Newbies

This is a work-in-progress… For now, these items are in no particular order, except for the first one. Credit goes to the members of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for providing many of these links.


  1. The whitepaper at that started it all, by Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto
  2. Guide: Bitcoin Magazine
  3. VIDEO: An Introduction to the Internet of Money (Andreas Antonopoulos in Sweden)
  4. VIDEO: Mining Bitcoin with Pencil and Paper (cryptography)
  5. Year in Review: 2017

BTC Manager
Bitcoin Exchange Guide
Finance Magnates
Forbes Magazine


  1. Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets for 2018
  2. Comparison of Bitcoin Wallets (Wikipedia)
  3. AirBitz (mobile)
  4. (online wallet with an app)
  5. Bitcoin-Qt / Bitcoin Core (original wallet, downloads the ENTIRE blockchain to your computer)
  6. Hardware Wallet Reviews

Is Ledger Nano Better than Trezor? (2018)
Trezor vs. Ledger (2018)
Trezor vs. Ledger Nano S vs. KeepKey (2017)


  1. Reviews
  2. CoinBase
  3. Kraken
  4. QuadrigaCX
  5. Changelly
  6. Bitfinex
  7. Bittrex
  8. BitStamp
  9. YoBit
  10. Poloniex
  11. LocalBitcoins
  12. Binance


  1. Best Bitcoin Apps of 2017 – Mobile Apps
  2. Bitcoin Magazine – Cryptocurrency News
  3. – Bitcoin Blockchain Charts and Data
  4. CoinDesk – Cryptocurrency News
  5. CryptoCompare – Live Price Charts, Exchange Reviews
  6. CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations
  7. CryptoWatch – Live Bitcoin / Altcoin Price Charts
  8. Finance Magnate – News
  9. Hacked: Hacking Finance – Learn how to hack finance and become financially independent


  1. Online Learning from Princeton: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
  2. One of my all-time favourite vpodcasts is from Epicenter, when they interviewed former cypherpunk Vinay Gupta, and discuss how Bitcoin is moving us away from what he calls “Lawyer Capitalism” to “Programmer Capitalism.” In a nutshell, blockchain technology can eliminate the inefficiencies and corruption in our present systems.


Source: Bitcoin for Newbies — Steemit

ICOs Raise Over $1 Billion in a Month for the First Time – Bitcoin News

While bitcoin and resurgent altcoins were claiming the headlines in December, ICOs were quietly claiming the money. From a media perspective, the summer of 2017 was when ICO mania hit its peak. That’s when several of the largest token sales concluded, raising hundreds of millions of dollars apiece. But from a financial perspective, December will […]

Source: ICOs Raise Over $1 Billion in a Month for the First Time – Bitcoin News