Transpicuous Views Jan 25 2018: Clif High- the deep woo

Dani interviews Clif High, who is famous for his Web Bot reports, and more recently, his Bitcoin predictions.


Clif started the conversation off with the introduction of the idea of “Universal Internet” using quantum entangled particles to create instantaneous communication that is wireless and frequency-less, and where that technology could take us in the near future. From that point in the conversation, it was a fast paced trip down a multitude of rabbit holes spanning consciousness, time, space, science & technology, Antarctica & the Arctic, CERN & DWave, quantum computers…. and of course, Bitcoin & blockchain.

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Global Elite taken to GITMO by US Special Forces – Full Disclosure Implications #QAnon

Dr. Michael Salla wrote an excellent compilation of recent QAnon / 4chan / 8chan communications, analysis by Dr. Jerome Corsi, and writings from Ben Fulford, all related to the take-down of the Deep State.

As someone who began his trip down the rabbit hole with David Wilcock, Drake, and Cobra, back in 2012, I remain somewhat skeptical of all of this. However, the number of dots being connected and personalities involved leave me open to the information being presented. I mean, what should we look for when the take-down of the Deep State happens? If it looked like a movie, we probably wouldn’t believe it.

All in all, Dr. Salla ties many threads together to better understand the “weirdness” of many recent events and the QAnon phenomenon. – Ed.

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that high level VIP members of the Deep State (aka Cabal/Illuminati/Global Elite) are being detained for human rights abuses and corruption, and are being taken by U.S. Special Forces to military prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo) as a result of thousands of sealed indictments. Multiple sources have been reporting on some of the key VIP figures taken there.

While these are still only rumors, recent events point to their plausibility. If accurate, these secret investigations, arrests and extractions to Gitmo where they face extended detention and military justice has enormous political implications, and makes possible the release of suppressed information previously withheld by the Deep State.


Continued . . . Global Elite taken to GITMO by US Special Forces – Full Disclosure Implications


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Q: The STORM is REAL and It’s HERE.


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Our friend Tracy Beanz and some of the insiders from the 4chan, 8chan and CBTS Reddit boards join me for a round table discussion about #Q. And one thing about which we all agree quickly becomes clear, the Storm is REAL and it is upon us – and NONE of it would be happening if hardcore globalist criminal Hillary Clinton was in the White House.

Our journey into “The Storm”: An interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi #QAnon #TheStorm

Dr. Jerome Corsi and Tracy Beanz unwind the last few days of #QAnon activity on 8chan.


Video Description

“I may be an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect” – Dr. Ron Paul

I am honored and privileged to present this interview to you. Dr. Jerome Corsi is a respected and distinguished patriot. Please watch to hear his take on the recent Q posts, as well as the story behind the highly controversial move to the new board– “The Storm”

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#QAnonRelay on Twitter + #8chan Message #TheStormIsHere

It looks like something could be happening VERY SOON.
If the second message (from 8chan) is accurate, it could be a matter of hours . . .

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