Headlines & Updates for November 26, 2018: We Know Who the Villains Are [videos]

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What you will never see on lamestream media is throngs of Brits chanting, “We love Trump!”  I kid you not, I had to rewind the video below because I wasn’t sure what I was hearing.

The Brits got it goin’ on! When have you ever seen masses of protestors chanting support for the leader of another country? The only other similar instance I know of was a European soccer match when the fans were chanting, “Please Trump, lock her up!” or something like that, which I mentioned recently, and that also blew my little mind.

President Trump is a global phenomenon! A rock star. People see him as the magic bullet—the cleaner—not forgetting all the others working hard in the background to drain the swamp and clean up this planet. So many have sacrificed.

Yes, the Brits are indeed staunch supporters of the man who dared to not only…

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