Trump Like Populist Wins Czech Presidency

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Yesterday 73-year-old incumbent populist Miloš Zeman won another 5-year term as President of the Czech Republic.
In a Trump-like victory, polls had predicted Zeman’s defeat by several percentage points, but in the end, Zeman won a 3-point victory.

Zeman noted that his nation would welcome Ukranians fleeing war because of their cultural similarity, but his nation’s doors would remain closed to what he called “………”

In another similarity to the Trump campaign, Zeman was known for straight talk and open sniping at journalists. In what appears to be the new leftist theme worldwide, Zeman’s opponent tried to claim that Russia was supporting the rightist candidate, Zeman, and trying to defeat the leftist.

That’s about as logical as the American version of that argument – that Putin tried to defeat Clinton after paying her hundreds of millions of dollars after she gave him the Uranium One deal. Or that Putin supported Trump whom they knew would ratchet up military spending.