A bitcoin booster got $2.3 million after being “bitshamed” for being poor

A bitcoin personality became an instant millionaire from a flood of donations worth more than 150 bitcoins, or around $2.25 million at today’s rates.

The recipient, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, has written technical books about bitcoin and is known for delivering inspiring speeches about the cryptocurrency’s revolutionary potential. Donations poured in after another bitcoin personality, a man known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his evangelical efforts to promote the cryptocurrency, mocked Antonopoulos on Twitter for not getting rich off early bitcoin investments.

Antonopoulos makes a living from donations to a Patreon account, speaking fees, and book royalties. He was debunking the claim made by someone on Twitter, who assumed he was a “multi-millionaire” given his early involvement in the bitcoin world.

Source: A bitcoin booster got $2.3 million after being “bitshamed” for being poor