Google Earth Lead Developer Believes World Is Flat

I can only guess that this person has never heard of over-horizon radar, the Paris Gun (WWI), the works of Richard Hoagland (author of Dark Agenda and mathematical calculations to get to the moon and put things in orbit), studied celestial navigation, or familiar with the distribution of omega-3, 6, 9 oils on the planet. Not to mention, explain time zones, seasons, or the significance of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Bonus points for the Egyptian origin of “the metre”.

Said another way, Flat Earth is proof that public education has failed.



CA –

Thomas Wilkinson, 49, of Palo Alto has been a senior developer at Google for seven years. He in in charge of strategy and operations at Google Earth. Leading a team of 10 engineers, Wilkinson is tasked with overseeing the general functions of the Google Earth software.

Last week Wilkinson Tweeted a post that echoed undertones of flat earth conspiracy: “Everything in this world is theory. From black holes to the roundness of the earth.” His post raised eyebrows in the tech world, but it wasn’t until this morning that his peers’ suspicions were confirmed following his most recent post denouncing modern science, Google, and NASA.

“As a lead Google developer for over seven years it is my responsibility to finally address our terrestrial landscape”

He linked to his blog in which he stated “After years of diligent study and intent work I have concluded there is no way…

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