Advice for YouTube Advertising Partners

The current state of advertising on YouTube seems to be in chaos, especially for creators of controversial content.  I am reminded of the early days of television, when the preferred mode of advertising was print media (ie. newspapers).  As a result, pioneers in television broadcasting had an opportunity to attract business from print advertisers (watch the video, below).  In the very early days of TV, shows had sponsors, and the personalities in the shows plugged the product, during the show–similar to how product positioning is used in modern movies.

Did you know that “soap operas” got their name because the afternoon TV shows were sponsored by the makers of laundry detergent?  Of course, this was back in the day when married women often didn’t have the luxury of working outside of the home.  Shows like “Days of Our Lives” or “The Young and Restless” were often preceded and followed by sponsor messages from companies like Oxydol.

So, if you have built-up your YouTube audience, why contact companies directly for sponsorships?  This is a FANTASTIC way to help nail down the lid on the coffin for the lamestram media.