A Tale of Inefficiency


  • Two weeks ago, I placed an order with Amazon, sold by a third party, fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Amazon printed a shipping label and updated the order status to “On the way” even though Canada Post was never given a package.


  • After ten days, the seller’s page still showed the package had not shipped
  • Amazon doesn’t give the option to cancel the order
  • Amazon claims they don’t know what happened since they are not responsible for inventory control, but will investigate.
  • The seller claims there was a system crash on the day that Amazon received his inventory


  • Amazon cancelled my order, instead of replacing it, and issued a refund, almost immediately
  • The seller is upset with me because the order was cancelled, and I left a negative review
  • I placed another order with a seller in Russia (again)


  • So far, it is easier to get Amazon products from Russia (and England) that it is domestically.
  • It appears there is no follow-up on whether or not shipping labels are actually attached to a package and given to a courier. This screams potential fraud.