Empire Beneath the Ice- Command and Control for the New World Order- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges


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By Dave Hodges

It is a talk show host’s dream to cover breaking news which imparts a dramatic effect on society as a whole. In my most recent show, I experienced such a novelty when I interviewed Steve Quayle regarding his best-selling book, Empire Beneath the Ice: How the Nazis Won World War II.

Revisionist History

Steve Quayle joined Dave Hodges for the last two hours in what Dave called the fastest two hours in the history of the show. Steve discussed how his new book describes so many things that are going on today and they all owe their origin to the fact that the Nazis actually won World War II.

Steve Quayle reveals why most of what you learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is historically wrong.

Steve further documented how the hidden evidence proves Adolf Hitler and many from his high command didn’t die…

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