Gutfeld: Why I can’t take Whoopi’s rage seriously

Greg Gutfeld finally had enough of Whoopi’s lunacy, after she compared President Trump to the Taliban.


2 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Why I can’t take Whoopi’s rage seriously

  1. Isn’t she one of those who said she would leave the country if Trump was elected?? Well, Trump got elected. Why is she still here? Not only her, and the others who said the same thing, but all the other liberal crybabies who do nothing but b**** at everything. If they don’t like it, why don’t you pack up and leave, and never come back? And IF by some chance, they get what they want, will you be happy, or are you going to keep b****ing no matter what?
    There are alot of things that need fixing in this country, which can definitely use great improvement, if not great. Whether he is the right person to get it done, and whether how he’s going about it is right or not, I have no idea. Maybe. Maybe not. Trump just happens to be the one that was chosen, because that’s all there was to choose from, and plenty are so sick of the BS, and has the brass cahoneys to actually do something about getting it done.


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