Loudmouth Rosie O’Donnell In Handcuffs After Threatening The Wrong President-Elect

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Rosie O’Donnell just can’t keep herself out of trouble. Just last week, after releasing a vicious rumor that Donald Trump’s son may have an exceedingly common condition and using it to bring attention to her own problems, O’Donnell was staring down the barrel of losing everything she has and then some to Melania Trump’s lawyer.

She chose to issue an apology, but we all know that it was just a publicity stunt to keep her belongings from becoming the property of Melania and Baron Trump. Shortly thereafter she made her Twitter profile private and began using it to smear President Elect Trump.

Her method was simple. She would tweet something rude and nasty and then delete it. Without the ability to see her now-private tweets, O’Donnell must have thought she was having a hoot of a time. Unfortunately, she decided to tweet this:

“If I ever get close enough to that orange clown Trump me and my pocket knife will be the last thing he ever sees.”

Well then, Rosie…that wasn’t too bright. One of the thousands of people who still follow and have access to her account must have alerted the Secret Service, because less than an hour later she was photographed being led to a black SUV by men in suits, handcuffed and wearing a hoodie.

She was also seen returning to her NYC apartment several hours later and no reports have been filed or official arrests recorded, so she must have weaseled her way out of it. People like O’Donnell need to realize that threats against Trump are going to be taken seriously. He understands that he won’t enjoy the same luxury as Obama, who never had to be pulled from a podium because of a credible threat.

The Secret Service will have their hands full, but they actually like protecting Trump.

Source: DC Posts.