PROOF – Infowars Is Beating Mainstream News

During the US elections, people have been turning to YouTube for news and information like never before. Every lie that the lamestream media told resulted in hundreds of new viewers to many YouTube news channels. Some channels like InfoWars, the Next News Network, or Bill Still saw their daily new subscribers increase 100-fold.

When Hillary called-out Alex Jones, he picked-up millions of new subscribers. When Rachel Maddow made fun of the InfoWars store, the channel picked-up 500,000 new subscribers THAT SAME DAY, and Alex responded with the “Rachel Maddow special” on the three products that she tried to explain (poorly) to her viewers.

In this video, Owen Shroyer compares alternative media to the legacy corporate media in terms of subscribers and reach (ie. views). The numbers may surprise you.



5 thoughts on “PROOF – Infowars Is Beating Mainstream News

  1. Proof positive to the fact that the MSM is now on life support measures
    re-shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic will not help your cause
    in our words, we only mean well…please wake up from your own insurrection



    1. We both parallel for the search of truth…I hope to add to which is given from you.
      many insightful comments from your knowledgeable readers, leaves many positive imprints… and I thank you…

      Are you still doing open topic days…
      still working on perfecting chicken recipes/marinades from those willing to share



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