Body Break (1992)

If you remember this public service announcement, you just might be from Ontario, Canada . . .



4 thoughts on “Body Break (1992)

  1. Windsor Canada just on the other side Of the Ambassador bridge
    CBC channel 9 Windsor came in well…Grand ma loved the old time wrestling in black and white…I remember Rockin Robin Seymour, broadcast in Canada, yet originates in Detroit…interesting…
    Legend Gordon Lightfoot’s ballad, celebrates the memory of 29 men from the
    Mariners Church in Detroit known through out the world…his song gives me goose bumps every time I listen …
    Love those public service announcements too…no big pharma commercials



    1. I used to watch it on Global TV out of Paris, Ontario. I hadn’t thought about that, but it WAS before all the Big Pharma ads, wasn’t it? That’s funny… I keep saying that people were happier when we had beer ads on TV, instead of Big Pharma…


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