Trump Ditches His Press Pool, Heads to the 21 Club

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump’s press corp consists of Breitbart and InfoWars, instead of the New York Times and CNN? -Ed.

In what journalists fear may be a sign of things to come, Donald Trump ditched his press pool on Tuesday night, slipping out of Trump Tower to grab dinner with his family at the 21 Club.

The move represents a significant break with protocol. While Trump did not break any law, it is customary for the president and president-elect to be accompanied by a press pool at all times, just in case something happens. How do you think we know that George W. Bush was reading The Pet Goat on 9/11?

The Trump transition team told reporters that the president-elect would not be moving from Trump Tower for the rest of the evening. Less than two hours later, Trump and his family were seen driving away from the building in a motorcade.

The press might never have found out where he went had it not been for a journalist who just happened to be eating at the 21 Club when he arrived, much to her surprise — and reportedly to a standing ovation.


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