Trump’s Interview on 60 Minutes was an Attempted Ambush

I was planning on watching President-elect Trump’s interview later, until I saw a CNN headline, Trump tells supporters to stop harassing minorities during sit down with 60 Minutes.

My first thought was, “Trump supporters? WHAT Trump supporters?” The news has been reporting on Trump protesters since Hillary conceded. Just like at the rallies, where Trump supporters were getting beat-up by Hillary’s thugs, the media reported it as “Trump supporters causing violence”.

So, I watched the full interview. Lesley Stahl clearly set him up for a sound bite they could use against him. It went something like this…

  • Lesley led him by asking about the protests.
  • Then, she asked if he heard that HIS supporters were harassing minorities.
  • Trump said he hadn’t heard that (like the rest of the country)
  • Lesley asked him, “But if they were, what would you tell them?
  • Trump replied, “I would tell them to stop.”
  • Lesley then rephrased the question to get a better, more complete sound bite from Trump.

Do you see what happened? She got him to answer a hypothetical question, so they could report it as FACT.

This is why only 6% of America still trusts the media.

You can watch clips from the interview here.