BREAKING: CEO With CIA Ties Makes Direct Threat To KILL Donald Trump… Media SILENT

Del Mar, Calif. — Earlier today Matt Harrigan, CEO of the start-up company Packetsled, made a direct threat today to kill Donald Trump, saying, “I’m going to kill the president-elect.”

When confronted by his social media contacts about his intent and on the likelihood of FBI involvement direct at Harrigan, the CEO replied, “Bring, it secret service.”

Contacts and friends tried to deter Harrigan, but he replied, “Nope. Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the white house [sic] that suits you [expletive deleted]. I’ll find you.”

Threats against the President or President-elect are a felony and offenders are subject to five years in prison if convicted (18 U.S. Code § 871).

Here are the screenshots:

Assassination threats to kill President-elect Donald Trump have increased in social media posts in the last week since Trump won the election; the Secret Service takes all threats seriously, investigating them for credibility. According to policy, the Secret Service does not discuss the details of their findings.

Harrigan is the founder of Packetsled, a cybersecurity company that utilizes forensics to detect, monitor and respond to online security breaches — which works alongside the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Founded in 2012, this is a privately held computer and network security company with $660,000 in revenue annually. His company recently secured five million dollars in Series A financing.

It’s time for Secret Service to investigate these threats and put a stop to new ones. Unbelievable.

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