Why Trump Won


If you are in a state of disbelief with Trump’s victory, you have probably been paying too much attention to the mainstream media and not enough to the actual facts.

  • Hillary’s entire campaign was an endless lie.
  • Wikileaks, Dinesh D’Souza, Roger Stone, etc. revealed that her entire career is built on lies.
  • Trump spoke truth to power, and that takes COURAGE.
  • You don’t have to like Trump, but he deserves RESPECT.

The mainstream media committed suicide in their efforts to get Hillary elected. I fully expect that significant changes are coming to the six companies that control 90% of the legacy media.

This will probably have unpleasant ramifications for social justice warriors and the politically-correct crowd. This is where I was shocked that Bill Maher was so opposed to Trump. Unless his show, “Politically Incorrect” was a lie. Another liberal who lies, imagine that.

One thing is clear. People have had enough of Bush-Clinton-Obama crime syndicate and their globalist agenda. Maybe we’ll find out that Ambassador Leo Wanta really was never discharged from Reagan’s administration.

The young Reaganites who were powerless against the Bush invasion have used their influence to assist Trump in slaying the beast that has infested the Beltway.

Now, the real fun begins.