List of celebrities who vow to leave if Trump gets elected

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been under the spotlight ever since he announced his intentions to run for president last year and whether you are an avid fan of his, someone who hates his guts or a “moderate” who doesn’t have any opinions on him or just doesn’t care, you have to admit, its been quite an interesting and entertaining ride. He has come so far in the polls, has won so many states and is leading in so many others that it is almost certain that he will be winning the GOP nomination. Well as is common in almost every presidential election, a lot of people have vowed and promised to leave the United States if he becomes president, some of them are Celebrities.

Vowing to leave the country if someone gets elected is nothing new, of course, back in 2008, The Ku Klux klan vowed that they would pack their bags and leave if a black man (Barack Obama) ever got elected as president of the country.

He did get elected.

They never left.

I’ve decided to make a collection of all the celebrities that have promised to leave the country if Trump gets elected, I’ll be updating the list as more say they will. Trust me, there will be more.

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