Trump Declares War On “Corrupt Government Cartel,” Promises New Independence Day For America

It was a somewhat different kind of Donald Trump that walked out onto the stage at yet another capacity-crowd campaign rally today in West Palm Beach Florida. Word is the New York billionaire had been seething all night over the New York Times hit piece that outlined allegations from a handful of women now suddenly claiming, without witnesses or any prior complaint, of having been victims of unwanted advances by Donald Trump years, or even decades, earlier.

IMAGE - Donald J. Trump
At times, Trump spoke in a near-whisper, seeming to build up his own energy, taking the audience along with him, and then shouting about his intent to bring back jobs, secure the nation’s border, and defeat terrorism. Mr. Trump spent most of his time railing against government corruption – corruption that extends into, and is aided by, the Mainstream Media.

The presidential candidate called it a “corrupt government cartel” that has for far too long, sold out America to special interests and foreign powers. The campaign rally audience roared its approval as Trump went on to outline the many scandals that continue to plague Bill and Hillary Clinton, how those scandals represent policies that have decimated the country’s middle class, made its inner cities war zones, and at present, are tearing the very fabric of the nation apart.

The New York billionaire snarled his declaration of war on the New York Times as well, promising a lawsuit and proof the newspaper purposely went to print with false allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The rally concluded with this line, a promise from the candidate that if elected, things in America will for the first time in a very long time, see real change underway:


And once again, the crowd cheered.