Russia isn’t Bluffing, Hillary Won’t Help- Military Source

This will not end well
– Soren K

An Israeli Colonel’s Observations
by Vince Lanci

I personally attended the AIPAC conference in March of 2016. One of the breakaway meetings was hosted by an Israeli Colonel. No press was allowed, but the content was public. I attended and asked a naive question about the US involvement in Syria against ISIS. What follows is a transcript of my notes as the Colonel was kind enough to answer.

  1. “It is the US, not Russia that is waffling on who it backs in the region”- answer to “Why is Russia not stepping up”
  2. Russia will not back down on Syria, Putin will not walk away from Assad as his ally
  3. Syria offers Russia the ONLY real water access on the mediteranean side and therefore the Atlantic
  4. They will not give up this port, It is a line in the sand for their defenses
  5.  the USA is underestimating how important this port is to them
  6. the Warsaw pact was created out of fear, not aggression.
  7. Russia will likely seek to expand its Atlantic footprint  to hedge themselves.- prophetic, Cuba
  8. Isreal is not “watching” just because it is muslim on muslim war. It understands Russia’s need to not be land locked just as we do. So we are staying out of it.
  9. Israel recognizes the situation the US is in and does not envy it

The Players ( we think)

  • Saudi allies are Sunni Wahhabi extremists in practice- we need their oil, they need our arms
  • Shia Iran an enemy with Russian backing
  • Syrai is Shia with Iran backing
  • ISIS is Sunni and out to kill all including Saudi’s who do not recognize the new Caliphate
  • Assad is a murderer and the devil we know- remember when we toppled the last evil dictator in Iraq?
  • the USA likely is responsible for the ISIS creation to destabilize Shia regimes- the enemy of our enemy ends up being our enemy too!

USA: We got this!

Enter Hillary Clinton to Save Us

Recently, Wikileaks released more emails with Hillary Clinton’s Imprint on them. Here are 2 from Clinton’s 2013 Goldman Sachs Paid Conference:

On Bombing Iran- Sure, Why not?

On Her Saudi Sponsors: They’ll get Nukeswhy not, they paid her for them already


Bombing Iran, which is backed by Russia. Arming or permitting a nuclear Saudi Arabia. Adding complexity upon complexity to solve problems we do not understand. That is how politicians “solve” things. In finance, in diplomacy, and in law. Remove nothing, add to the complexity.

Opinion:The sectarian war has unveiled our own duplicitious dealings in the middle east. We think the US is buying time for a face saving exit. If not then we are doomed by egotistical crusaders. If not now, soon. Because Hillary Clinton has made it clear she will protect her Saudi sponsors. We hope the US is bringing this to a head now because it knows what a Clinton Presidency can bring.