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The Evolution of DisInfo (Bots?)

Clif High explains why he won’t be publishing a Bare Naked Wealth report for December. In a nutshell, his data intercepted what he believes to be disinformation.

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Adults only – rough language about reports, history of 2017/2018 language pollution, BTC charts, projections based on current data (Dec 2018), Language issues, Woo-woo

Political Succession and “The Bush-Clinton Nexus”: Permanent Criminal State. The Legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush

A YUGE amount of evil left our planet when George H.W. Bush passed away, and for that, we can all be truly grateful. -Ed.

Global Research pays its respects to former president George Herbert Walker Bush who passed away in Houston at age 94.

At this juncture, it is important to address his unspoken political legacy. 

Below is author Larry Chin’s September 2016 article together with a historical perspective and update. 

Author’s update as of December 2, 2018

The atrocities and crimes of the Bush family, headed by George Herbert Walker Bush, are unspeakable and unimaginable in depravity and scale.

  • Decades of war, war crimes, and treason.
  • Global narcotics trafficking, money laundering, fraud and financial looting.
  • Mass murder, assassination; the extermination of political enemies and whistleblowers.
  • The absolute criminalization of military and intelligence agencies, and the corruption of entire governments, across all political parties.
  • Devastation and violence in every corner of the planet, from the killing fields of Asia to the Middle East and Latin America, to the United States itself.
  • The institutionalization of terrorism, criminal cover-up and The Big Lie.

George Herbert Walker Bush was one of the greatest architects of suffering the world has ever known. His New World Order, a criminal empire that continues to poison and corrupt; its tentacles still oppressing to this very moment, as you read this.

Do not mourn George Herbert Walker Bush. Mourn his victims. Mourn what has been lost. Mourn what has been destroyed. Mourn what he took. Mourn the “thousand points of light” that he snuffed out.

Let historical truth fully expose who and what the Bush family are, and what they have done. Let the mainstream corporate media’s desperate attempt to sanitize the Bush record utterly fail.

President Donald Trump promises to Drain the Swamp. George Herbert Walker Bush, his family, and his legion of associates do not merely epitomize the Swamp. They are the Swamp. They are the Deep State. Here is what the Bush family thinks of Trump. Trump must continue to deliver on this promise.

The following article was published in September 2016. Now over two years later, its case remains intact.

At a spring 2016 Republican debate attended by the Bushes, George H.W. “Poppy” Bush, looked directly at Donald Trump and gave him the “throat slit” gesture.   The Bushes want the Clintons back in the White House. 

“Poppy” trusted them with Arkansas in the 1980s, and with the White House in the 1990s, and he can trust them with the marching orders again.  A Hillary Clinton presidency guarantees that all the things that the New World Order wants done will continue to get done.

The Clintons and Bushes have been criminal partners for more than 30 years.  They and their colleagues have dominated the American government, the military-intelligence apparatus, the judicial system, the financial markets, and the banks. Their friends dominate the corporate media and Hollywood—the shapers of The Big Lie.

The endless repeated cycles and recycles of Bushes and Clintons, the endless presence of Bush/Clinton operatives in all positions of power is by design. The administrations of Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been a continuum, a line of succession, over which George H.W. Bush’s New World Order compatriots (including Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds) ultimately call the shots in relation to their political appointees, in all matters of importance.  Most of Washington and much of the world, answers to them.

Continues: Global Research.

World Wide Election Rigging by the Queen’s Privy Council

And they’re preparing the rigging for Canada’s 2019 elections, already . . .

American Intelligence Media


He rigs elections from Venezuela to Estonia

He rigs electronic voting machines owned by him, George Soros and Mitt Romney

He controls the Senior Executive Service (SES)

He steals trillions of dollars from inventors, Main Street and a rigged global stock market

His slogan should be Make America British Again

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | JUL. 20, 2018, UPDATED JUL. 21, 2018 | PDF | https://tinyurl.com/y8falsxy

Meet Malloch BrownFig. 1—Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, age 64. Meet the man who directs the Queen’s Privy Council’s One World Government takeover of America. Click here for a full biographical timeline. The most accurate one available, to our knowledge. WARNING: We have uncovered more than 3,408 relationships that Lord Mark Malloch-Brown has failed to disclose to the public in any securities and ethics disclosures. Here is…

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Laura Loomer joins class action lawsuit, sues Twitter for Discrimination

Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer has filed suit against Twitter for discrimination, citing her ban from the platform. In a statement to AFMG, Loomer said “I found it necessary to join this lawsuit to end the discrimination by big tech social media companies like myself.” Loomer joined a Freedom Watch class action lawsuit against Google, […]

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Is the Ministry of Truth About to be Institutionalized in Canada?

Are the Trudeau Liberals so scared of losing next year’s election that they would stoop to something as repulsive as an agency to “monitor” truth in the media (including social media)?

It would appear so. ~ Ed.

The Department of Canadian Heritage is reviewing a proposal to monitor truth in election-year reporting and “expose” coverage considered inaccurate. The initiative follows a Liberal cabinet plan to subsidize newsrooms it deems trustworthy. Elections Canada already enforces a statutory ban on campaign falsehoods.

Department staff yesterday confirmed the Public Policy Forum, an Ottawa-based group, applied for cash grants for a so-called Digital Democracy Project. The value of the grant was not disclosed. “The application is under assessment and no decision has been made yet,” the department said in a statement.

The Policy Forum yesterday announced the campaign to “monitor digital and social media in real time” for “disinformation in the lead-up to the October 2019 federal election.” The group has received $593,000 in federal contracts and fees since 2015, according to accounts.

“The country lacks adequate understanding of what’s being put through our media ecosystem,” CEO Edward Greenspon said in a statement; “This project is designed to expose these attempts and determine how best to counter them.”

The Policy Forum declined an interview. “We don’t have anything more to say at the moment,” said Carl Neustaedter, spokesperson. “It’s really in the early stages. We’ll be putting programming and meat on the bones after Christmas.”

Neustaedter is a former deputy editor of the Ottawa Citizen. CEO Greenspon is a former vice-president at the Toronto Star. Both dailies seek subsidies. Blacklock’s neither solicits nor accepts government grants.

The Policy Forum’s announcement made no mention of department funding for its truth-in-reporting surveillance program. Neustaedter initially claimed the group “does not receive government funding”, but later acknowledged it applied for a grant to monitor media. “We didn’t put partner details on the news release because as far as I know they are not finalized,” said Neustaedter. “We generally don’t release the dollar amounts”.

Cabinet in a November 21 Fall Economic Statement proposed a $595 million, five-year subsidy program for select news media deemed to meet unspecified criteria for “professional journalism”. Details are pending. The proposal echoed a 2017 Policy Forum report funded by a sole-sourced contract from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Full Story: blacklocks.ca.