UK downgrades COVID-19: No longer a high consequence infectious disease

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Actual Solutions For That Stupid Virus | Medicine Can’t Admit Herbs Work Best!

Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC


0:00 Intro
2:59 Important Preliminary Steps
3:27 What we are going over
4:58 Youtube censorship hypocrisy on healthcare
6:15 Pharma researcher who quit. “Need 5 side effects”
7:29 Virus testing is 30-50% accurate
8:50 Lancet: comorbidities lead to C-virus worse outcomes
9:43 Fatty acids are anti-viral. Ketosis
10:09 Lancet: CLA, GLA, Evening Primrose oil, Flax are anti-viral
12:06 Fatty Acids kill enveloped viruses. (Corona is an enveloped virus)
13:38 High glucose = worse outcome
13:50 Low Iron = worse outcome
14:40 Hundreds of anti-viral herbs
16:55 Chinese identify 7 herbs that kill Coronoa/ SARS
18:40 Virologist explains it well but no solutions.
19:51 Viruses are pH sensitive
22:38 Zinc kills Corona. Article in PLOS Pathogens.
23:22 11 supplements for “drainage”
24:22 Some of my favorite anti-viral supplements.
28:11 Detox and virus
28:41 My disclaimer. What I’d do.
31:19 Oxygen and lung support
32:17 Echinacea’s
33:10 St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) kills enveloped viruses.
34:02 Thieves essential oils blend
35:09 Probiotics
35:50 to end: Close

Trump is Trying to Help Us — The Demorats are trying to stop Him!


We think the hype about the coronavirus is overblown. Sure, it’s more dangerous than the average flu bug because nobody has had a chance build immunity. The old and infirm can die from it, but that has always been the case. Deaths caused by the flu have always happened.

President Trump calmly suggested some common sense things such as washing one’s hands, limiting one’s travel, and avoiding crowds.

Yet panic is in the air. Masks are selling out along with toilet paper. Neither will stop the virus. We are told we should have food and water stockpiled, which is not a bad idea regardless, but now some schools are closing and the NBA has suspended its season. The stock market has succumbed to the fear, but it was in a bull market bubble for far too long anyway.

The Democrats are eagerly using the issue to lambast Trump. This is…

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