Jeff Rense & Robert Steele: Trump Must Clean House NOW or it’s Over… 60-40 He Won’t Make it

Do you agree with Robert David Steele’s opinion that President Trump needs to drain the swamp before the warm weather gets here? -Ed.

Video Description
Stunning conversation with Robert Steele about Trump’s survival chances unless he makes MAJOR changes in this top staff, immediately, and frees himself from being surrounded by traitors and treason. Many of Trump’s Senior people including VP Pence are saying nearly the opposite of many of Trump’s key announced policies and positions on he world stage. Many are predicting Trump with be forced to resign or will be impeached. Here the best analysis and overview yet…


A Tale of Inefficiency


  • Two weeks ago, I placed an order with Amazon, sold by a third party, fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Amazon printed a shipping label and updated the order status to “On the way” even though Canada Post was never given a package.


  • After ten days, the seller’s page still showed the package had not shipped
  • Amazon doesn’t give the option to cancel the order
  • Amazon claims they don’t know what happened since they are not responsible for inventory control, but will investigate.
  • The seller claims there was a system crash on the day that Amazon received his inventory


  • Amazon cancelled my order, instead of replacing it, and issued a refund, almost immediately
  • The seller is upset with me because the order was cancelled, and I left a negative review
  • I placed another order with a seller in Russia (again)


  • So far, it is easier to get Amazon products from Russia (and England) that it is domestically.
  • It appears there is no follow-up on whether or not shipping labels are actually attached to a package and given to a courier. This screams potential fraud.

Melania Trump’s first ball will compete with the Oscars

Procter and Gamble afraid of #PizzaGate

All Americans to BOYCOTT @TheAcademy AWARDS

Call 310-247-3000 or RT to Let them know we are united with @realDonaldTrump #BoycottTheOscars

Melania Trump will be hosting her first big White House ball Sunday and it’s scheduled for the same time as Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer pointed out this scheduling conflict when asked by a reporter today if the president planned to watch the Oscars – and respond to any criticism of his administration coming from the starlets on stage.

Spicer noted how the president and first lady will be hosting the Governors’ Ball that night, which is part of the National Governors Association’s winter meeting in Washington.

‘Mrs. Trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event,’ Spicer said. ‘And the first lady’s put a lot of time into this event that’s going to occur, welcoming our nation’s governors to the capital and I have a feeling that that’s where the president and the first lady are going to be focused on, on Sunday night.’

Procter & Gamble supports #PizzaGate


Source: Daily Mail Online.

MaidSafe Developer Conference 2017

This will only gain traction as Google is exposed as #FakeSearch in its efforts to promote#FakeNews from the lying legacy media. Maybe Natural News should have a MaidSafe web site . . .


If someone would have told us that our first developer conference would be held 7,500 miles away from Troon we would most certainly not have believed them. However, on the 20th of February, in conjunction with our partners at MaidSafe Asia, we found ourselves Fairmont Hotel in Jakarta hosting MaidSafe Devcon 1. With a population of 300 million Indonesia is one of Asia’s most populated countries. With a thriving developer scene and a highly motivated populace, Jakarta, the country’s capital, proved to be an excellent location.

Short note about MaidSafe Asia

We first announced the intention to set up a joint venture in 2016 and we are now delighted to be able to confirm that the agreement has been signed off and the entity MaidSafe Asia has been incorporated in Singapore. As a quick refresher, the intention in setting up this partnership is to enable MaidSafe UK to focus on…

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I’m waiting for Google to explain why they deleted Natural News — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

I’m waiting for Google to explain why it deleted Natural News by Jon Rappoport February 23, 2017 As many of you know by now, Google deleted Natural News, owned by Mike Adams, from its listings. When you type in “Natural News,” you don’t get “,” you get “” instead — a different and tiny site […]

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How to secure your data after the Cloudflare leak

Cloudflare revealed yesterday that a bug in its code caused sensitive data to leak from some of the major websites that use its performance enhancement and security services. Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid and 1Password are among Cloudflare’s millions of clients, and it’s possible that personal data such as passwords and cookies leaked from many client websites during…

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